New Digital Technology with Quality Telepresence Drives Virtual Events Market

  • Analysis
  • 08-January-2021

People have to continually remain indoors due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus to protect themselves, which created individuals' desire to be close to their loved ones. Virtual technology helps in making people believe as if they are together. However, to make the experience more realistic, further research developments of new technologies are needed, creating a new kind of telepresence.

Recently, researchers have collaborated to create a virtual meeting that would give an individual the feeling that all participants in the meeting are sitting together. This can be done by manipulating their senses, hearing, as well as through touch and smell. The Magic Project will contribute research in motion recording and virtual environments. It will centrally focus on natural and immersive presence, within which the participant is made a part of the virtual world. This new project will further develop the Virtual Events Market as it would meet the need of users who cannot be with their friends and family and want to have the experience virtually. It would be a new technology in the market that would counter the problems faced by most people in current times.

MAGICS use the newest digital technology to remote presence solutions. Its equipment enables researchers to accurately measure and examine the facial expressions and body functions of a person. This aids them in comprehending how people interact and understand each other and what sort of emotions they express while performing a particular task or activity, such as playing games.

Visual senses, cues, and interaction can be very authentic. Spectators can walk around and live through a theatre performance like they are inside it. Besides recreating lifelike visual scenes, individuals can also feel dampness through specially made gloves and can smell synthetically produced smells.

This new technology is being developed parallel by various companies. An instance of its growing presence is a collaborative virtual studio project. Two people sitting in a virtual studio in Yle and the other in Aalto Studios can be made to look as if they are sitting together. The motion data from the camera moves from one studio to another. This makes the viewer feel as if both people are sharing the same space.

The new digital technology may be used in various ways, including performing arts. It can be used for viewing performances at several locations, and scenery can be produced entirely virtually.
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