Significant Development in Thermoelectric Materials Market: Researchers Create a New Hybrid Compound with One-of-a-Kind Atomic Structure that might Exhibit Unusual Properties

  • Analysis
  • 22-April-2021

Thermoelectrics are responsible for directly converting heat into electricity. It helps power several different applications, ranging from travel coolers that are used to chill beverages to NASA’S Perseverance rover that is currently exploring Mars.

In a recent development, researchers have created a new hybrid compound. The novelty of this compound is that the crystalline and amorphous sublattices are intermingled into a unique crystal-amorphic duality. This is a significant advancement in Thermoelectric Material Market as the material is a one-of a-kind hybrid atomic structure that is half crystaliine and half amorphous. Thepeculiar atomic structure of the material might be the building foundation due to which it could contain unusual properties as unique atomic structure is usually followed by peculiar properties.

A material’s atomic structure refers to the way in which atom form formation among themselves in space and time. This also determines its properties. Generally, solids are known to be either crystalline or amorphous. In crystals, atoms are arranged in a orderly and symmetrical patterns while in amorphous materials, they are rather randomly distributed. The new material, in this regard that is a hybrid of both materials might be able to create new and possibly a thermoelectric material which has paradigm-shifting-high-performance.

In order to bring he hybrid material into existence, the team intentionally mixed elements that are present in the same group of periodic table although have different atomic sizes. For this study, they used atomic size mismatches like that of copper and silver and between sulphur and tellurium. This helped in creation of a new compound, known as, (Cu1-xAgx)2(Te1-ySy), inside which the amorphous and crystalline sublattices intertwine to make a novel and unique crystal-amorphicity duality.

Further, it is not only of importance of the way in which the material achieves its good performance but the method it uses to achieve it. Typically, when it comes to thermoelectric materials, they are crystals. However, the materials is not pure crystal, thus, the whole study revolves around the possibility that the same level of performance can be achieved even with a new atomic structure.

The exciting aspect of the research is that the new compound has exhibited amazing thermoelectric performance. Even though the research is not exactly of great importance in the current world, it is expected to improve thermoelectric in the coming future. The researchers are optimistic that their newly created material can do things that current thermoelectric materials cannot dream of, but the applicability of it will be seen in the future.

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