New Development in Transistors Market: Researchers Collaborate to Design Chips wherein Transistors can be placed vertically

  • Analysis
  • 20-December-2021

Since digital technology came into being, processing chips have been constructed by connecting small transistors on a chip. Engineers have gradually added more transistors to chips that have maintained roughly the same size, generally following Moore's Law. The principle essentially asserts that the number of transistors on a chip doubles every year. Engineers have known that Moore's Law has its limits for a long time, and it will soon be challenging to add even one more transistor, let alone double the current number.

A research team has developed a revolutionary chip architecture that adds transistors vertically on a chip. The development can solve the above problem while simultaneously boosting the Transistors Market. These efforts have the potential to usher in next-generation computing technologies.

Researchers are also investigating other methods of producing chips. Engineers are still looking for ways to add additional transistors to traditional chips in the meanwhile.

IBM and Samsung stated in their statement that they are taking steps to begin creating processors that can extend vertically. In a sense, the relocation was unavoidable. Engineers began raising buildings taller when towns were too vast to be efficient, effectively changing 2D villages into 3D cities. Officials and engineers from IBM and Samsung (as well as, no likely, other companies like Intel) believe that now is the moment to start doing the same with microprocessors.

The VTFET design by IBM and Samsung is still in its early stages—there are no chips that can be installed in the actual computer. However, it heralds the start of a new era in computing in which computers and other digital devices like phones and tablet computers will run faster. In addition, they will also use far less energy, allowing batteries to last much longer. This is because a vertical design will allow electrons to travel a shorter path when sending signals between transistors.

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