Hemoglobin Meter Market to Experience boom as Researchers Develop a New Device that provides Consistent reading of Blood Parameters without being affected by Color of the Patient

  • Analysis
  • 12-November-2021

Hemoglobin monitoring devices available today need both blood samples and expensive equipment to check up on a patient's blood level. On the other hand, the non-invasive spectroscopic methods present are highly variable in the result. They often provide a different outcome for people of color due to disparity in skin melanin. Thus, there is an urgent need for the researcher to develop a non-invasive and reliable monitoring device that can estimate hemoglobin without being impacted by differences in people's color.
Considering this problem, researchers have developed a technology that is non-invasive and can potentially monitor crucial blood parameters like hemoglobin in real-time. The most exciting part of the novel technology is that it has been made keeping in mind the black population. The innovation would significantly boost demand for the Hemoglobin Meter Market. It would eventually become a wearable gadget, similar to a monitor or watch, that can read blood via the skin, removing people's need to visit hospitals for health checks regularly.
The device depends on the spectroscopic properties of hemoglobin present within the blue-green light spectra, in contrast to the red-infrared spectra used within similar devices at present. In addition, the device is highly convenient to use and utilizes a probe placed on the skin, thereby measuring the light that is reflected through the skin.
To evaluate the device, the team undertook a study involving 30 participants. They then measured the hemoglobin valued measured with the device's help and compared them to stats received from presently available point-of-care devices and traditional blood test methods. The results from the initial stage reveal that the device can evaluate the hemoglobin of a patient with great accuracy and consistency. Further, the quality of the device and its efficiency are much better than the existing methods.
The team's primary objective for the study is to remove the disparity due to racial differences and develop such diagnostic modalities that would help provide better facilities to the black population, Hispanics, and other people of color. This technology can be considered as a stepping stone towards that goal. The technique has enormous potential in medical settings, remote monitoring, and incorporation into wearables.
The research team added that they are set to oversee further much larger studies involving the device. These studies would include patient populations from diverse backgrounds to help advance the technology's clinical development.
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