Extended Life and High Performance of Gel Batteries to Create Huge Consumer Base

  • Analysis
  • 25-September-2020

Boosting upon the experience in the advancement of newfangled battery technologies and acknowledging consumer needs, manufacturers have been introducing brand new product pieces equipped with the latest gel battery technology for residential and automotive applications. The traditional batteries are being quickly replaced by the new ones with the latter making their impression. These batteries provide excellent potential in terms of the cycle, charging, life, and cost. Furthermore, maintenance-free batteries are being offered by the manufacturers, thereby reducing the trouble of maintenance from the consumers’ shoulders. With state-of-the-art products hitting the market, the gel battery industry is growing at an impeccable rate.

Development of Global Gel Battery Industry

Introducing new products into the market to address the demands of consumers is an excellent strategy adopted by leading market players globally. Consumers have been asking for reliable and faster delivery during their delivery operations. One of the most efficient solutions provided by battery manufacturers is replacing the traditional batteries used in trucks with the newfangled battery technology that offers efficient and better performance. Upon determining this requirement and taking vibration, cranking, endurance, and resistance needs into consideration, a leading battery technology manufacturer, Exide Technologies, created VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) gel battery technology, specially designed for trucks. This high-performance exerting maintenance-free battery provides better cycling tolerance in comparison to traditional batteries. This battery has been specially designed for commercial vehicles and long-haul trucks carrying out suburban deliveries. Moreover, it offers a prolonged lifespan and optimum energy availability in comparison to traditional batteries.

Along with commercial vehicles, Exide also introduced batteries for two-wheelers. Its lead-acid motorcycle battery called Exide Gel provides excellent safety features, discharge protection, and vibration resistance. It is also maintenance-free and offers an extraordinary cycle lifespan. Such inventions are the reason behind the overall advancement of the Global Gel Batteries Market.

Gel batteries have also paved its way into the home-inverter industry, along with the automotive sector. ULTRA GEL launched by the Greenvision Technologies works as a gel battery for inverters. The absence of distilled water application makes it unique from other maintenance-free batteries. To ensure no spilling out of batteries, it comes with a safely sealed envelope. Besides, no acid fumes are emitted by these batteries.

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