Cyber Security System Market to revolutionize as Researchers Find ways to Use Cyber Security against EV Stations Hacks

  • Analysis
  • 24-January-2022

The amount of electric cars is continuously increasing all over the world. This has also led to a boom in demand for EV charging stations and the Internet-based management systems that go with them. However, these management systems are rather vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

A new study has attempted to shed light on the cyber systems' weaknesses to help build better EV charging stations. The report also suggested safeguards to protect Electric Vehicle Stations from harm, propelling the Cyber Security System Market forward.

Researchers' objective was to learn more about the real-world consequences of cyber-attacks on EV charging stations. Further, they sought to investigate how to minimize them with cybersecurity countermeasures. The group also looked at how hacked systems could be used to target crucial infrastructure like the power grid.

Nowadays, electric vehicles are in trend. In this work, researchers tried to identify their related security holes and understand their repercussions on electric vehicles and the smart grid. They have made several recommendations and shared the outcomes with relevant industry players for proactive security remediation.

The team discovered 16 charging management solutions for electric vehicles. These were split into three categories: web, mobile, and firmware. Each one was subjected to a thorough security examination.

The team devised a system lookup and collection approach to discover many electric vehicles charging systems. They then used reverse engineering and white/black-box web application penetration testing approaches to conduct a complete vulnerability analysis.

The researchers uncovered various flaws in the 16 systems and singled out the 13 most serious flaws, including missing authentication and cross-site scripting. Attackers can manipulate the firmware or impersonate real users to access user data by exploiting these vulnerabilities.

Several security mechanisms, guidelines, and best practices for developers to reduce cyber-attacks were developed during this project. They also devised countermeasures to address each of the vulnerabilities they discovered.
The researchers urged developers to patch current vulnerabilities and build basic security measures throughout the charging station production process to prevent widespread power infrastructure attacks.

Many members have already acknowledged the vulnerabilities that were discovered. However, these management systems data will be used to immunize these charging stations to safeguard the public and make recommendations for future security solutions in the context of EVs and the smart grid.

The researchers intend to investigate more charging stations to understand their security posture better. They're also collaborating with many industry partners to assist in new security products from the start and develop security resiliency techniques to protect susceptible charging stations from attack.

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