Continuous Rising Demand for Fortified Food Due To Pandemic Is Adding Growth to Vitamin Fortified and Mineral Enriched Foods and Beverages Market

  • Analysis
  • 06-August-2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously changed the face of the food industry and continues to do so. This is large because the advent of the pandemic has changed the way individuals look at life and health; thus, many are now getting health conscious and choosing to snack on healthier things.
A recent report shows that fortified food is on the continuous rise due to the pandemic. The research shows evidence that there is a clear consumer shift in lifestyle and healthier choices. The trend may significantly boost Vitamin Fortified and Mineral Enriched Foods and Beverages Market as people are now looking towards foods that would bring them nutritional benefits. These criteria fortified food manufacturers can fulfil widely.
The study review snacking trends and investigates on the level at which consumer has grown health conscious and are thereby impacting the snack market. One of the most obvious trends seems to be a reduction in consumption of sugars and a re-evaluation of trend profiles by food companies to meet with changing new trends.
The researchers stated that as per the information, around four UK consumers talked about converting to a healthier life because of the pandemic. This shows that healthy snacks are no longer are minority bought products but have a continuously growing consumer base.
Some of the healthy snacks that have seen popularity recently are oat milk yogurts, plant-based jerky bars, flavored almond butter squeeze packs, etc. They have been in high demand and have a huge influence on consumer choices.
Changing trends have led to a new one, which is “free-from” or “reduced” sugar products. New products are now offering variations of food where consumers have the choice to buy reduced or no added sugars. Companies have started investing their money into finding ways that would help them reduce sugar from their products. For instance, “Stevia” a go-to ingredient manufacturer, has started working towards making clean labels.
The increased demand in the sector has also forced leaders to look for innovative flavors and ingredients. The one that has been consistent on top is international flavors like Indian cuisine. Flavor combinations brought forth by Indian cuisine provide the opportunity to the maker to mix sweet and savoury profiles, so much so that 41% of U.K. consumers accept to liking sweet snacks containing spices.
The post-COVID period holds many curveballs for the world but for food manufacturers, it has brought on a period of opportunity as consumers get attracted towards healthier, nutritional, and flavor snacks to adjust the problems brought on by the pandemic. Now manufacturers need to grasp this opportunity and build innovative products that cater to consumers changing needs and desires to stay on top.
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