Colossal Development in Haemostasis and Tissue Sealing Agents Market: Researchers Created a Paste that can Stop bleeding within 15 Seconds

  • Analysis
  • 06-September-2021

Traditionally, surgeons, to stop the bleeding in a patient, would use the sort of material that would help quicken coagulation (the process through which a blood clot is formed). However, the problem with the procedure is that even if the best material is used to stop the bleeding, it would still need several minutes to do its work.
A research team might have resolved this issue by introducing a new rapid-sealing paste. The team has revealed that the innovation can stop bleeding in the organs independent of clotting. The study might potentially boost the Hemostasis and Tissue Sealing Agents Market as it provides evidence that their paste can successfully stop bleeding in mere 15 seconds, way before clots have even had the chance to form.
The researchers revealed that their inspiration for coming up with the novel paste is Barnacles. They are the seal animals that keep themselves limited to rocks and the bottom of large fishes and ships. Their main aim is to stay in one place no matter if the conditions are wet and what surface it is. They can successfully do so because they exude an oil matrix material that cleans any surface they stick and repels subsequent moisture. This is followed by a protein that helps to cross-link them with the surface’ molecules.
Looking at the sea creatures and their way of living, researchers came up with their present paste. Their product consists of an injectable material made up of bioadhesive microparticles and a water-repelling oil matrix. The oil is responsible for cleaning the place so that cross-linking can take place and the microparticles present within, link to each other and the surface of the tissue, just like in the Barnacles.
Further, the team added that their data demonstrated how the paste achieves rapid hemostasis in a manner independent of coagulation. The tissue sealing that occurs as a result of the paste can even withstand high arterial pressures. Once fully developed and tested, the paste could be applicable for numerous applications such as curbing severe bleeding even in internal organs or perhaps help patients with clotting disorders or on blood thinners. Not only this, the paste could one day even become come to use for trauma victims of military and civilian trauma.
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