Breakthrough In Medical Implants Market: Researchers Facilitate High-Resolution 3D Printing To Develop Medical Implants

  • Analysis
  • 17-June-2021

An implant refers to a medical device that is manufactured to substitute a missing biological structure. It is primarily used for supporting a damaged biological system or for enhancing an already existing biological structure. A research team has invented a novel technology to facilitate high-resolution 3D printing to develop advanced medical implants. This is an enormous breakthrough for Medical Implants Market as the technology is potentially applicable for all tissues in the body, such as dental implants or artificial blood vessels. Further, it could also be used for bone and tendon repairs while supporting nerve regeneration as well.
The team revealed that they placed a camera outside the printer where the lens was focused on the nozzle. This enables the researchers to keep a watch at the layered distribution of ultrathin fiber by focusing the telescopic lens of the digital camera only on the cone and nozzle. The step helped them predict the fiber step, which is a huge step in achieving manufacturing precision and quality control. Their aim was to make fibers that are about 5- 10 microns in size while being soft and flexible. Precision is the key to the process as a slight variation in the direction of even a couple of microns would lead to change happening in overall properties. The process gives the ability to the researchers to allow 350 fiber layers to be printed on top of each other. This is big progress from the previous record, which was of 10 fiber layers.
Biomaterials and Medical implants are essential for the treatment of humans, and scientists have reached a dead-end in making more improved versions of them. Now, through this research, there might be hope for more enhancements in the quality of implants; however, the team advised to see how things work out in the manufacturing process. The team is now working towards adding more cameras and reducing the printer’s size so that it would be similar in size to a standard kitchen coffeepot making the technology portable. They will start making different versions of the printers and will incorporate four to five cameras so that techniques like thermal imaging, high resolution, and different angles to allow for a higher volume view of the printing process could be introduced. The end goal is to have a technology connected to a smartphone for monitoring an operating printer.
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