Big Technological Advancement In Ovarian Cancer Market Makes Early Diagnosis Possible

  • Analysis
  • 10-March-2021

American Cancer Society has reported that there were more than 13,700 women may be killed due to ovarian cancer in the year 2021. At present, there is no early warning system that can warn about ovarian cancer. The disease is known as a ‘silent killer’ as in early stages; the symptoms are such that they are typically confused with other ailments. Women can only get a proper diagnosis of this type of cancer when it has progressed so far that the organs in the body have been affected, in turn requiring major surgery and chemotherapy.

Recently, scientists have developed a method through which the presence of ovarian cancer can be detected by Pap test samples which have been used to diagnose cervical cancer up till now. This is a considerable development in Ovarian Cancer Market as it will be beneficial for several females who can now diagnose this cancer in its early stages. It will also benefit medical personnel as they can provide better care to such patients from the starting so that cancer doesn’t spread to organs requiring strict surgery.

The team developed Pap tests samples by identifying proteins present in them and then taking cervical swabs. This helped them determine if the similar proteins present in cervical cancer are there in ovarian cancer tumor tissues or not. It is found that the Pap test and Swab test contained similar proteins were found in the primary tumor of a woman who had high-grade serous ovarian cancer.

The study proves the concept that using these biospecimens (a swab of the cervix and Pap test) could essentially be developed so that they can detect ovarian cancer biomarkers before surgery is needed. However, there is a crucial need for further investigation before this method is used on patients.

Researchers have revealed that their next step would be to take help from quantitative mass spectrometry to understand whether these proteins or peptides are detected at higher levels in ovarian cancer through Pap tests or swabs compared to controls. This is because the presence of proteins is not alone sufficient for the diagnosis of the disease.

In the future, this method may be developed as a self-administered, at-home test; wherein women would be able to collect swabs on their own. Then it could easily send them to the central laboratory to analyze proteins so that they could be diagnosed for ovarian cancer.

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