Big Companies like Starbucks Shifting Towards Plant Based Menu to Surge Plant Based Beverage Market

  • Analysis
  • 15-February-2021

The onset of the pandemic has seen sudden changes in consumers’ needs and demands. As per experts, the most demanding shift has been noted. It is the shift in demand from animal-based to more plant-based products. The shift has occurred in beverages and food, that made corporations scramble to capitalize on this change.

As a significant development to the Plant-Based Beverages Market, Starbucks (a worldwide coffee chain) has decided to provide its customers with more innovative plant-based options. This might push other big MNCs to do the same, further developing this industry.  Over the years, the renowned coffee making company has taken huge steps to cater to its vegetarian eaters and is now determined to renew and revamp those efforts.

In 2016, Starbucks first entered this market by adding almond milk to its menus. This enabled coffee drinkers to order dairy-free drinks, creating a new-found appeal for Starbucks among consumers. After this success, the company included oatmeal at its mid-west locations as well.

As per the company executives, due to the start of stay-at-home order service, people are now less likely to travel out, especially in chilly weather. Thus, they will probably not go for single hot drinks but go for cold beverages and bulkier orders. For this reason, the company has shifted to more plant-based items while also striving to make up for the losses it faces due to lockdown. The company is confident that its improved food attached to the beverages menu will bring it a success like its past additions.

The company’s Issaquah location tested the new menu's limits, which included all-vegan Plant-based breakfast sandwiches. The product is made of mung bean-based egg, dairy-free cheese, plant-based sausage and is served with an English muffin. It also brought forward a quiche alternative Plant-Powered Potato Bake bite, and introduced chickpea bites and vegan cashew cream cheese, which is milk-based and sourced from Miyoko’s creamery.

Starbucks is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to meeting its customer’s plant-based demands. This fuels the hope that these changes will soon come to be executed nationwide locations. In the future, customers who want to switch to a plant-based diet will not need to change their habits of visiting their favorite chains as the businesses are resolved to keep their established customer base intact.

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