Anti-Aging Market may boom as Researchers Propose a Combination of Medicines that can Counter Aging

  • Analysis
  • 21-March-2022

Combining treatments to find a solution to a medical condition is rare among researchers. The same is also valid for minimizing age effects. Good aging techniques that generate accurate and quick rejuvenation will have to be layered with several treatments. For instance, various senolytic medicines that help eliminate senescent cells. However, numerous factors are related to aging, making it challenging to find the right combination of medicines.
Furthermore, various calorie restriction imitations and other modestly upregulating stress responses aren't very efficient. It's also unclear which of them may be compounded for more significant benefit.
Researchers have now published a study that could help develop correct combinations to counter aging. They claimed that a combination therapy given to elderly mice for a few months improves their physical function by 20-40%. That time frame is attractive for Anti-Aging Market as it roughly equates to a decade or more of continuous treatment in an elderly person.

Physical performance loss, as evidenced by decreased grip strength and overall physical fitness in humans, is widely regarded as a result of aging. There are generally no treatments available to delay or reduce these changes or boost resilience. 
Thus, the team undertook a 20-month-old male and female C57BL/6 mice study. For three months, they were fed with a standard mouse diet. It consisted of formulated mouse diet of phenylbutyrate (1000 ppm), acarbose (1000 ppm), and rapamycin (14 ppm). On the other hand, the other group was given a diet containing one-half dose of each drug or a diet containing one-half dose of each medicine. The results of the rotarod and grip strength tests were compared at the end of the study.
Rapamycin inhibits mTOR, a protein that regulates protein synthesis by integrating signals from growth factors and nutrition. The researchers found that rapamycin prolonged the longevity of mice. Thus, confirming the anti-aging impact of downregulating mTOR. 
Arcabose is a common type 2 diabetes drug that improves glucoregulatory control. Further, it also extends the lifespan of mice. Phenylbutyrate is a clinically approved ammonia scavenger for children with histone deacetylase inhibitor and urea cycle abnormalities. It improves physical and cognitive performance in aging rats.
In general, mice fed the full dosage drug cocktail food did better in these tests. Females fed the full dose cocktail showed significant gains in rotarod performance. Moreover, grip strength in both males and females fed the full dose cocktail.

These findings support the idea that short-term treatment with a cocktail of drugs that target multiple aging pathways can improve resilience to aging. In addition, this prototype cocktail could be used as part of a clinical therapeutic strategy for people who are losing physical performance as they age.
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