Wingsuits Market to Revolutionize as Researchers Create World's First Fully Electric- Powered Suit

  • Analysis
  • 26-November-2021

Wingsuit flying refers to a highly specialized and widely popular sport of flying. A special suit is worn to participate in the activity since it increases the body's surface area. This is done to assist skydiving people in gaining a significant boost in lift force.
Recently, a research team has developed a wingsuit that is powered by electricity. The idea and design of the novel technology might revolutionize the Wingsuits Market completely. This is because it is light, compact, and can fly further than existing wingsuit designs.
The wingsuit flying sport is a rather dangerous one. This is truer when flyers attain high speeds while the steering capabilities are restricted in nature. The problem is further aggravated as suits do not contain any inherent propulsion equipment.
Thus, enhancing safety by combining a regular wingsuit with a powered-flight capability is a great idea that has been brought forth by the researchers. For making this idea a reality, collaboration took place between a wingsuit flyer and BMW Designworks, where they came together to build something impressive.
Through continuous effort and work, they have together created the world's first fully electric-powered wingsuit. The idea for the design came to the researchers when one of them decided to jump off a cliff. However, the jump he decided upon was incapable of being achieved through any presently available wingsuit. Thus, they thought of creating one that could be used at a higher altitude while flying further than current wingsuits.
The team hopes that their newly developed wingsuit will be functional and future-proof while also being electric. Thus, they created a light, compact wingsuit capable of achieving all this.

They decided to test the novel technology in a wingsuit tunnel present in Stockholm. The evidence showed that the wingsuit could work in different settings without any problem.
Further, another test was undertaken by the team in the mountains of Austria wherein they decided to fly the suit through Twin Mountain. They wanted the flyer first to go down the mountain and then fly further. Moreover, to go across the third mountain, they decided to use the booster to see how far the suit could go.
The activity was immensely successful, and the flyer could complete the journey smoothly without any problem. As per the team, their innovation can completely revolutionize the way wingsuit flying is perceived.
Once their technology is further developed and is tested more thoroughly in a real-world setting, it will potentially make a significant contribution to the wingsuit sector.