Wildfire Protection System Industry to Develop as Researchers Create Numerous Softwares to help fight Intense Fires

  • Analysis
  • 17-January-2022

Wildfires all around the globe have had a devastating effect on the economy, livelihood and environment. According to Sparking Fire Smart Policies in the EU report, 611 firefighters lost their lives in Europe from 2000 to 2017. Fires are becoming a significant threat for the entire planet as they have evolved into a new kind. These are large-scale, unpredictable, and intense flames. Furthermore, they are essentially the effect of, among other things, climate change.

Numerous research teams have taken account of the problems and are harnessing powers from science and technology. They are set out to prove that there is more than one way to fight forest fires. In this regard, they have developed several kinds of software that would help build the Wildfire Protection System Industry while also being a boon for firefighters and other stakeholders fighting these fires.

Researchers believe that the fires that are being faced today need a different science-based approach. This is because land use, socio-economic factors, geopolitics, and climatic condition have drastically changed. Thus, their goal now takes a plethora of information accumulated via people, agencies and research institutions to develop techniques to make forests safe again.

New innovative software introduced to help stop fires are -

1. FirEUrisk has developed a science-based strategy to change the conventional techniques employed in the field currently. The team stated that they would emphasize large, high-impact fires, considering fire management a holistic approach. It was denoting that they will be putting efforts into linking prevention, response and restoration as a single policy framework. They added that the focus would also be on risk assessment, reduction and adaptation.

2. Another research team has developed a new software known as DSS (Decision Support System). The technology utilizes satellite data to predict and manage fires. It is aimed at providing a framework and support for three phases of wildfires, i.e. strategic (forest prevention and mitigation), tactical (event of actual fire) and post-event (recover from fire).

The software provides users with a simulation model equipped with risk probability maps to prepare for the actual fire in the strategic phase. The system provides the users with a weather map and a flame behaviour model in the tactical phase. In the post-event phase, the system supports the user by suggesting stats and information on the burnt area via tools and a map of economic damage.

The system is a massive breakthrough as it gives users early detection information and weather data. Further, it empowers them to run a wildfire simulation showcasing the trajectory of fires in the following hours.

3. A team has also undertaken a new project, "H2020-VALKYRIES", wherein they are trying to ensure that first responders reach the victims of wildfires on time. To do so, they've chosen to standardize and harmonize technologies and practices in disaster management to help first responders.

The team is set to develop an interoperable, modular, secure and scalable platform to help deploy emergency services during different disasters. The project involves the combination and interconnection of different software, enabling information sharing, tactical command and control services, and information sharing for first aid responders.

Intense wildfires and similar natural disasters are inevitable; however, mechanisms can be developed to neutralize such disastrous situations. The above studies have been undertaken with the same aim. They will ultimately help save the lives of victims while providing crucial information to first aid responders at critical times.

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