Turmeric Market to Advance with Research that Proves Combination of Curcumin and Turmeric’s Purified Essential Oil could Fight Against Neurotoxicity

  • Analysis
  • 11-May-2021

Several studies have concluded that adverse brain health is directly related to a person’s exposure to neurotoxins. Among them, aluminum is of specific concern to humanity. This is because significant sources of aluminum are everyday products such as pharmaceutical products, cookware, and cosmetics. Reports show that a person consumes approximately 10 mg of aluminum per day. Out of this, almost 1% is known to undergo absorption. Chronic exposures to aluminum can result in a neuroinflammatory response and rouse oxidative stress in a person, which might lead to neural damage.

A recent study might reduce this problem as it demonstrates how turmeric extract and its purified essential oil can counter the neurotoxicity that occurs due to aluminum exposure. The study states that there is a presence of free curcumin (Key Turmeric Extract). Furthermore, its metabolites were found in plasma and the brain, which is secondary to the bioavailability capabilities of the complex. This is a groundbreaking revelation for Turmeric Market, as it brings forth positive implications for constructing a curcumin delivery system that would be responsible for alleviating a wide range of neurodegenerative diseases.

Curcumin is popular for its capability to attach itself to the metals like aluminum, and so it can also offer neuroprotection from the potentially toxic effects of the metal. However, oral intake might be ineffective for producing great clinical benefits due to poor absorption and low blood vessels of free curcumin. Characteristics of curcumin such as low solubility, rapid elimination, and quick metabolism hinder its absorption into the bloodstream. Moreover, it cannot penetrate the blood-brain barrier easily. Keeping note of this, researchers thus examined BCM-95 of Arjuna Natural. In addition, they wanted to check the possibility of using a combination of curcumin and purified essential oil components or turmeric as a bioavailability enhancer.

To test their theory, the team assessed the exposure of aluminum in experimental models at different doses. They compared the Bioavailable curcumin with turmeric extract for 45 days. After this, it was discovered that the cognitive impairment displayed by the metal was reversed considerably. Due to the use of purified turmeric essential oil complex and turmeric extract, it elicited a massive improvement in spatial learning and memory.

A person cannot eliminate contact from aluminum entirely, and so it is essential that the method through which brain health is maintained is practical and safe. Thus, this study brings an optimistic solution for such a problem as the results of this high bioavailability turmeric extract were largely positive.

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