Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Company's Outreach

  • Analysis
  • 07-February-2019

Outreach marketing focuses on the human connection an individual has with a business and has its roots in consumer psychology. Rather than the product being displayed for consumption, the product is taken to the consumer by means that appeal to the target customer. In short, outreach marketing is about developing a connection with consumers and not the process of marketing at them.

To improve your company’s outreach capabilities, you do not have to undertake complex methods. The most effective are often the simplest. Here are three simple ways to improve your business’ outreach:

1.    Understand Your Business

Of course, you understand your business, but it needs to be viewed from the consumer’s perspective of how your business is represented. Before outreach can be improved, a deep understanding of the business is needed. This should incorporate several factors, including:
  • Your unique value proposition: what does your company provide to customers that is unique? The unique value proposition of the business must be understood so that the benefits of the products or services that are offered can be concisely articulated. You will be able to present yourself in a much stronger way if you are confident you can provide unique services.
  • Your brand: the outreach efforts must consistently support the mission statement and philosophies of your brand. Consistency across the board is key here. You cannot promise one thing only to then deliver another. The entirety of your company should be driven by the same message and goal.
  • The buyer personas: every business decision that is made needs to be directed by the buyer personas of the target audience, and this is especially relevant to outreach. It would be a fruitless endeavor to make decisions that do not align with the preferences of your target audience and their needs.

For outreach efforts to be successful, the merits of being linked and associated to the business must be communicated effectively. This level of understanding about the business will help you to identify the keywords that will trigger responses from the target audience.

2.    Leverage Your Business Knowledge

Armed with insights about the business, you can maximize the efficiency of your outreach. Your website and social media platforms should be optimized for search for the target audience. Use metrics to assess the likely performance of the keywords for use in the search engine marketing campaign, which should be the next step in outreach.

Search engine marketing qualifies the leads that are generated through search, and although there is a cost involved, the return on the investment makes it an attractive option to increase brand visibility and most importantly, sales.

3.    Keep Your Social Media Accounts Tidy and Active

Building a business’ digital presence is the goal of outreach, but to achieve success, social media accounts must be tidy and active. A clean profile is essential to develop the brand’s reputation. Influencers, bloggers, and journalists will visit the social media accounts to assess the business. Think of it as a spring-cleaning exercise that gives a financial reward.
  • Remove outdated logos and poorly sized profile pictures.
  • Edit underperforming content; revisit keywords and hashtags to ensure that they are reaching their full potential.
  • Check to make sure all URLs work.
  • Evaluate the metrics for each platform. Is one outperforming the other? You need to focus your efforts on the more successful platforms.

Outreach is an important aspect of growing your business’ visibility. The key is to focus on the customer’s perspective of the business and the solution that the business is providing them. By performing these three steps, your outreach efforts will generate quality and effective leads, while enhancing the digital presence of the business.

You should always seek to innovate and improve the services that you are providing your customers, and by putting effort into creating content that will appeal to your demographic, you are instantly making life easier for yourself as a reputable business.