Thermoelectric Material Market to Develop with new Thermoelectric Generator that could Help Utilize Discarded Heat by turning it into Electricity

  • Analysis
  • 03-February-2022

Waste heat is produced by the energy systems that power human lives. This includes heat that radiates from hot water pipes in buildings and exhaust pipes on vehicles. A significant quantity of heat generated by the energy consumed is wasted away. Further, much of it is distributed directly into the environment. Till now, researchers haven't found a cost-effective solution to trap and transform that heat into usable energy using conformal forms.

A team has developed a novel flexible thermoelectric generator. It can wrap around pipes and other hot surfaces, converting waste heat into power more efficiently than before. This could significantly impact the Thermoelectric Material Market since discarded, and wasted heat may be used to generate energy and alleviate half of the world's issues.

The scientists claim that flexible devices better fit the most appealing waste heat sources. For instance, discarded and wasted heat may be used to generate energy, pipes in industrial and residential buildings, and cars. They also don't need to be affixed to surfaces like traditional, stiff gadgets, which further reduce efficiency.

The researchers reported that the new device has a 150 percent higher power density than other state-of-the-art units in tests done on a gas flue in Applied Materials & Interfaces. A scaled-up version with a power density advantage of 115 percent was slightly over 3-inches squared. According to the researchers, when placed on the hot surface, that version produced a total power output of 56.6 watts.

Six couples were placed along a small strip to create the new device. They then joined 12 strips together with flexible metal foil to create a gadget with 72 couplings. According to the scientist, liquid metal was employed between the layers of each strip to increase device performance.

Imagine an industrial power plant with hundreds of feet of pipelines. If one can wrap these devices around a large enough area, it could generate kilowatts of energy from heat that would otherwise be squandered. Now the wasted heat might turn into something beneficial.

The 72-couple device has the highest reported output power and device power density from a single thermoelectric generator. The spaces between the strips allow the strips to bend around irregular structures like pipes. According to the researchers, the gaps also allow for adjustments in the fill factor, or the ratio of the thermoelectric material to the device's area, which can be used to develop thermoelectric devices for various heat sources.

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