Thermoelectric Generator Market: An overview by

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  • 24-September-2015

Thermoelectric Generator Market: An overview by

As goes the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, so does an assertion that science is the mother of revolution. Dubious would be an impromptu word if we debate whether science is a boon or bane. Undoubtedly in today’s business driven global market almost everything as strings attached with science. One cannot think of creating a business niche targeted profitably without scientific endeavors and appliances. One such scientific niche that is progressing profoundly today is the thermoelectric generator (TEG) market.

What is Thermoelectric Generator?

Thermoelectric generator is a device that generates electrical energy from thermal gradient. Difference in temperature between two different conductor’s leads to voltage difference which in turn helps in electrical flow and the set up then starts acting as a heater. Because the realization that thermal difference creates voltage which leads to ampere flow was made by Thomas Johann Seebeck, it’s known as Seebeck effect.

Uses, applications and advantages - a few among many others

Thermoelectric generators are a preferred choice for remote locations with unfavorable weather conditions due to its low maintenance. Applications of thermoelectric generators have been limited to an extent due to its low conversion efficiency. Scientistsare exploring the possibilities to harness high conversion rate for these thermoelectric generators by using nano- structured thermoelectric materials. Some of its prominent uses are discussed below -

Oil and Gas Industry uses these reliable power sources for cathodic protection, telemetry units, gas analyzers and metering equipment. In case of shutdowns and emergency situations, power can be successfully extracted from these generators to carry out communication and other activities. As these generators can survive the harsh and isolated conditions, it becomes an ideal requirement for oil and gas industry.

Telecommunications industry has many appliances operating in remote areas where regular maintenance is not feasible. These solid- phase based thermoelectric generators are the necessary choice for these companies. Some of the various activities which are utilizing the power generated by thermoelectric generators are VSAT terminals, point to point microwave links, point to multi-point systems, cellular and PCS, radio/television rebroadcasting systems, military communication systems among many others.

Automotive Industry - Thermoelectric Generators can be used as an alternative power supply source for automotive engines. A temperature gradient created by the waste heat generated by the engines can be used to power the thermoelectric generators – thus reducing the dependency on gasoline. Though being a money intensive technology – it is being seeing as a step towards a greener world.
Numerous other applications as sensors,wearable’s and other industrial processes are utilizing the services provided by thermoelectric generators.

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Markets of TEGs

North America, due to its high industrial niche,ownsthe largest share of the global TEG market. Asia-Pacificstands second in this echelon. However; the business pragmatics foretells that Asia-Pacific market is to grow at the high CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) owing to the increasing demand from end- user industries. Out of the total Asia- Pacific thermoelectric generator market, the automotive segment captures the largest share.

Major players in the Global Thermoelectric Generator Market

Various brands and companies have found their target consumers profiting immensely through this technology. However, a few key players are globally renowned in this sector. Gentherm Inc. (U.S.), II-VI Incorporated (U.S.), Ferrotec Corporation (Japan), Laird Plc. (U.K.), Komatsu Limited (Japan) and Yamaha Corporation (Japan) are the major stalwarts of the global TEG market.

Many joint ventures, collaborations, deals and Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) are being signed every year for the TEG market to flourish and expand vastly. The recent one beingVolkswagen, Volvo, Ford and BMWcollaborating with NASA to develop TEG heat recovery systems. They aim to improve the fuel economy by 3-5%.

The applications of TEGs are innumerable and many scientific appliances are using this commendable Seebeck innovation. Thermoelectric generators seem to be a promising technology for a sustainable future.