The Demand for Pasta Sauce Shoots Up Amid Pandemic, Reports Say

  • Analysis
  • 09-October-2020

Love for Italian food and craving pasta sauce goes hand-in-hand. For decades, pasta has etched a special place in everyone’s heart. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a shock to see supermarkets dedicating an aisle to pasta sauce these days. Depending on its type, flavours, there are countless brands of pasta sauce available. Because of the recent developments in the fast-food industry, there has been an ever-increasing demand for pasta sauce.

How COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted the Pasta Sauce Industry

Amid the lockdown, the demand for pasta sauce has increased drastically, with people exploring different cuisines at home. The perfect pasta sauce has always been the reason behind every delicious bowl of pasta, and that’s why the leading food companies have been on a constant lookout to create the perfect pasta sauce for the consumers. Each variety of pasta seeks for a different flavour of pasta sauce. The larger shapes usually go well with thick sauces while the thinner ones are best suited with creamy sauces. Most importantly, one should always opt for the top-quality pasta sauces to make the cooking scrumptious.

Despite the ever-increasing demand for pasta sauces, the Italian tomato industry has been suffering quite a lot amid this pandemic. Since the announcement of the pandemic by WHO (World Health Organisation), there has been a lot of panic-buying that has hiked up the prices of numerous food products, and tomato products come under that as well. In fact, the sales of tomato ingredients had hiked up by around 5% just within a month of the COVID-19 emergency and have been constantly increasing since then. With people trying out new recipes like pizza, pasta, or stew at home amid this lockdown, a shortage of various ingredients has been created in the country.

The demand for pasta sauces has escalated across the world, thereby increasing the growth of the Global Pasta Sauce Market drastically. Italian cuisine can never be complete without a dish of pasta. Although there has been a shortage in the supply of pasta sauces lately, the lifting of lockdown in several countries has raised our hopes to a great extent.

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