Technology to Play a Big Role in Reducing Energy Usage on Farms

  • Analysis
  • 12-November-2020

The agricultural industry is all set for an energy transformation. It’s distressing to see a sector so important remaining environmentally unsustainable. However, with the advent of modern technology, farms can lower their high energy consumption rates.

With an increasing global population, the demand for food is increasing daily, and, as a result of that, the need for farms is getting heightened. At the same time, agriculture accounts for approximately 5% of the total industrial energy consumption. If the sector increases its production capacity to meet the rising demand without increasing its energy needs, substantial consequences can be observed. Technology has been assisting farmers in decreasing their energy consumption, and with extensive adoption of technology, agriculture can meet the demands sustainably.

Data gathering, along with analysis tools, have been widely implemented in various industries. With the precision agriculture movement gaining momentum, farmers have also started to adopt these technologies. Furthermore, farmers can improve in different aspects by examining the resource consumption of their farm.

Soil sensors are known to be one of the most popular data analytic technologies found in agriculture. These apparatus are placed near the crops to measure pests and soil variables, thereby producing practicable insights from the data. As a result of this, farmers can easily adjust their pesticide, irrigation, and various other resources to ensure the proper usage of every resource.

This precision helps eliminate waste and energy like that needed to heat buildings or pump water. This process has become quite popular among the farmers, owing to its cost-friendly nature. With the development of precision agriculture technology, these cost savings and energy will only continue to grow.

Automation is considered to be another disruptive innovation in the agricultural industry. While automated processes have been quite popular among the manufacturers for decades, the practice has just recently been introduced to farming. As robots carry the capacity to do delicate agriculture work more precisely, more and more farms are opting for that. Even though the primary motive of automation is to reduce the long work hours of farmers, it also carries the capacity to enhance energy efficiency.

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