Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Solar Pumps Hold the Key to the Advancement of Water Irrigation

  • Analysis
  • 02-November-2020

The invention of solar pumps proved to be a huge development in the agricultural industry. They are considered to be most suitable amongst all other pumping systems used for irrigation. The electricity generated from photovoltaic cells is used to run solar pumps, instead of diesel or grid electricity. With the ever-increasing demand for fuel, fossil fuels were being overly exploited. On the other hand, farm irrigation rendered significant cost too. All of these factors spurred the demand for solar pumps, especially in the last few years. Furthermore, the low maintenance as well as the operational cost of solar pumps proved to be a major factor in its growth. It also comes with less environmental damage which further fuelled the growth of the Global Solar Water Pumps Market.

Solar Pumps and its Numerous Advantages

The energy needed for the irrigation of solar pumps is completely free, once the installation process is over. This comes off as a primary advantage over fossil fuel pumps that requires constant access to expensive fuel. Solar pumps also result in a significant decrease in the amount of time and the number of labourers needed for irrigating crops. All you need to do is choose a proper irrigation technique and the rest of the work is done by solar pumps. Moreover, the maintenance demanded by a solar pump is much less if compared to its conventional alternatives.

However, the high installation cost of the solar pumps comes off as a major drawback. But, most of the solar pumps manufacturing firms provide a good warranty period that helps cover a huge amount of maintenance costs. Solar pumps are known to be highly sustainable as they utilize renewable energy sources. Furthermore, they hardly produce any kind of harmful pollutants, thereby emerging as an environment-friendly option for all the eco-conscious people out there.

Solar pumps are easy to transport and relocate. In addition to that, solar pumps can be organized by farmers according to their requirement, even in rural and remote areas. Solar pumps are known to be the most useful application regarding solar energy in the field of agriculture. Their longer lifespan and easy installation process give them an upper-hand over its conventional counterparts.

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