Supply Chain Market to Advance as Researchers Create an Artificial Neural Network that can Solve Complex Challenges helping in Optimization of Various Processes

  • Analysis
  • 31-January-2022

Supply chain delays, banking network outages, and power outages are a few of the many issues that complex systems face. These problems are somewhat different to regulate with current approaches but not entirely impossible. Artificial intelligence (AI)-based control systems can aid in the optimization of complicated processes and the development of new business models.

A research team has created an artificial neural network to solve complex control challenges. The self-learning system is a valuable contribution to the Supply Chain Software Management Market since it can aid in the optimization of supply chains. It may also be used to optimize various production processes, smart grids and traffic control systems.

The team has developed AI Pontryagin, a versatile AI-based control system for steering complex systems and networks towards desired target states. The researchers showed how AI Pontryagin learns to regulate systems in near-optimal. Even though AI has never been informed of the best solution, this is accomplished using a combination of numerical and analytical methods.

Control methods are currently utilized to protect electricity grids from fluctuations and outages, manage epidemics, and optimize supply networks, among other things. The researchers demonstrate how AI Pontryagin understands quasi-optimal control signals for complex dynamic systems automatically in their article. The researchers' analysis lays a lot of the groundwork, but more research is needed to see if the method can be applied to specific, real-world scenarios.
To employ AI Pontryagin as intended, the AI must first be given information on the dynamics of the target system. This could contain information about the number of potential suppliers purchase costs and turnaround times in supply chains. This data is utilized to decide which regions need to be optimized dynamically.

Users must also supply information about the system's initial status, such as current stock levels and its desired (goal) status, such as the need to replenish stock to specific levels while reducing resource consumption.

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