Solar Farm Automation Market to Experience Boost with Huge Investment in Building Solar Power Plant

  • Analysis
  • 03-March-2021

Solar Farm refers to a photovoltaic power station; other names with which it is referred to as are a solar park or solar power plant.  It refers to a large-scale photovoltaic system (PV system) that is made to give merchant power into the electricity grid. The feature that sets these farms apart from most building-mounted and other types of decentralized solar power applications is that they provide power at a utility level instead of supplying it to local users.

Recently, solar farm projects have started coming up worldwide, leading to the constant growth of the Solar Farm Automation Market. These projects are being taken up by governments and big corporations for their inherent environmental and cost-effective benefits.

In regards to this, a council of West Berkshire is set to build a £10 million solar farm that would have the ability to generate electricity for approx 4400 houses a year. The council desires to be involved in this project as it would enable them to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. They have revealed that 45000 panels might be installed on a plot of 75-acre, situated near Grazeley.

The move comes based on a report that did a feasibility study and concluded that a project like this would eventually lead to a 30% reduction in carbon footprint. If everything goes as planned, work would be able to get started by the year 2022 as the council aims to achieve a carbon-neutral district by 2030.
In another instance, £5.7 Million Solar Farm is about to be set up on a plot at Brynwhillach Farm so that it could supply a quarter of the power needed by the Welsh Hospital  “Mossiston.” The Swansea Bay health board was presented with a grant of £ 13.5 Million by the Welsh Government to build the solar farm and undertake some other energy-saving, carbon-reducing measures.

The project is expected to be of 4-megawatt by 1.86 miles, i.e., 3km cable. The faculty present at the health department board hopes that the facility that would come to be in operation soon will cut their electricity bill by a considerable amount of £500,000 per year.

The setup will have 10,000 panels that will supply power from the 14-hectare site. The hospital at present has an expenditure of about £6.9 Million on amenities like gas, sewage treatment, electricity, and water. However, as this figure is expected to keep on rising with time, the current projects are much needed. Collectively, all the energy-reducing schemes are expected to bring a saving of £1.5 Million a year and cause a reduction in carbon emissions by about 3,000 tonnes annually. Other similar projects being taken up are upgrading building management systems in some hospitals, changing light fittings, and improving the insulation.
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