Single Cell Genomics Market to Develop as Researchers Create an N2 chip that can Analyze Thousands of Proteins within a cell while being Time-Effective

  • Analysis
  • 19-November-2021

Individual cells are known to always work in a concert. The best way to acquire detailed information on the responsibilities and roles is to analyze proteins present within the cell. However, analysis of cells itself is a tedious task that is slow and inefficient, making it difficult for researchers to get a large amount of information on time. Mapping of how cells operate together inside tissues and other organs can be done using the information provided here.
In a recent breakthrough, researchers developed a new instrument that can handle cells ten times more efficiently than previously feasible. The N2 chip created is an excellent contribution towards Single Cell Genomics Market as the technology can analyze more than a thousand proteins within 108 single cells within one day.
The tool is referred to as NanoPOTS. It is short for Nanodroplet Processing in One pot for Trace Samples. The method is aimed at analyzing a large number of proteins present inside the individual cells simultaneously.
The single-cell proteomics approach faces a hurdle in dealing with the minuscule amounts of protein content contained within a single cell. During sample preparation and analysis, every protein counts. Each sample is then examined using mass spectrometry, a precise molecular identification technique. This method employs tiny samples: over 250 single-cell samples from a nanoPOTS chip can fit in a drop of water.

With the help of the N2 chip, the team analyzed more than 100 individual mouse cells. These were gathered through various body parts, including the immune system, axillary lymph node vessel, and the lung. After that, researchers quantified around 1500 proteins within every single cell. They then took advantage of the information received to categorize cells by their protein abundance.
The team stated that they will now start working towards the applicability of the chip for other laboratories.

They have faith that the N2 chip is scalable would soon be manufactured in standard clean rooms. Further, researchers added that they showed that commercial single-cell isolation systems could be used to make them, and building a custom system may not be necessary.
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