Significant Development in Medical Devices Market: New Device can Help Reduce Swelling of Kidney Transplant Patients

  • Analysis
  • 14-May-2021

Kidney and pancreas-kidney transplantations can help in the reduction of mortality rates while also improving the quality of life for patients suffering from renal disease (end-stage). Generally, after undergoing surgery, new organ recipients need to extend their hospital stay. This is due to various reasons, such as lack of mobility, delayed kidney function, or edema. Edema refers to a swelling caused by extra fluid present in the body’s tissues which can affect the healing process of surgery. At present, this condition is treated by improving the blood through TED (Thrombo-Embolic-Deterrent) stockings, in addition to compression devices.
Now researchers have devised a simple machine that can easily reduce swelling after kidney transplantation. The device, gekoTM, is developed by Sky Medical Technology Ltd. It is essentially a pump activator that brings a major improvement in the blood flow by stimulating muscle pumps in the body. This is a huge development for Medical Devices Market as the patients who used this device after their kidney plantations had to stay in the hospital for a much shorter duration. Further, the technology also helped in reducing surgical site infections by 60% approx.
The researchers conducted a clinical trial spanning two years with transplant recipients. The patients were divided into two groups, where some wore the standard TED stocking and pump while the other wore geko™ device. Each patient was recorded with these machines for six days right after surgery. The trial revealed that wearing the new device led to better urine output (almost by 27%) and lowered weight gain by at least one kg. In addition, as a consequence of more urine and less fluid retention, patients experienced less swelling (about 31% less). Hospital duration, which is a costly affair for many, was also shortened by a day.

The most noteworthy aspect of the trial was that there was a 60% reduction in wound infection rates. Transplant patients have a high risk of contracting infections as they need immunosuppressant medications after surgery. Therefore, if infections can be considerably reduced, it would be greatly beneficial for the patients and would further lower the costs of hospital surgery. 
The geko™ is self-adhering, recyclable, non-invasive, and battery-powered. The device produced neuromuscular electro-stimulation and unparalleled systemic blood flow, similar to 60% of what can be achieved through walking. It enables pain-free muscle contraction that squeezes deep veins in the lower legs to create better blood flow. Further, it also helps in returning blood to the heart. It is a tremendously advantageous development, especially for hospital settings as it is portable, and medical personnel does not need particular training to use it. 
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