Seed Coating Agents Market to Boost with New Two-Layered Coating that can Protect Seeds from Changing Climate Patterns

  • Analysis
  • 20-July-2021

Several actions are being taken against global warming. However, the world continues to warm. It is only a matter of time where arid regions that already have minimal conditions for agriculture will come under duress, potentially causing severe food shortages.
To overcome this problem, researchers have come up with a process that would have the ability to protect seeds from any water shortage that may occur during their critical germination phase. Further, it could also provide the plants with increased nutrition simultaneously. The approach would boost Seed Coating Agents Market as it is both novel and innovative. Moreover, it successfully a new area of work in responsive seed coatings to arbitrated tolerance to abiotic and biotic stressors.
The team developed a two-layered coating which is the direct result of years of research. In their previous studies, they had developed seeds that could resist high salinity in soil; instead, the new version aims to deal with water shortages. The team’s primary aim was to make a coating that could overcome drought. This is because of the continuous evidence being provided that climate change is going to negatively affect the basin of the Mediterranean area. Thus, their idea was to develop a technology that would mitigate the changes in climate, which would eventually make less water available for agricultural purposes.
The novel coating is influenced by natural coatings that are present in some seeds like basil and chia and are engineered to protect seeds from drying. They boast of a gel-like coating that captures and holds on to any moisture accumulated and envelops the seeds with it.
The second layer of the coating is consists of preserved microorganisms which are known as rhizobacteria, and some other nutrients to assist them in growing. When the layer is exposed to water and soil, the microbes will work towards fixing nitrogen into the soil. Thus, enriching the growing seedling with nutritious fertilizers can help it along.
The team stated that they wanted the seed coating to have multiple functions in terms of targeting not only the water jacket but also the rhizobacteria. In true essence, this is the unique aspect of the new seed coatings as they are self-replicating micro-organisms that can enrich the soil while also fixing nitrogen for plants.

The new system is simple and applicable to any sort of seed. Further, the seeds coating can be designed to respond as per particular climate patterns. Potentially, it could also be tailored to predict the rainfall of a growing season.
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