Revolutionary Advancement in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Market: New IIoT Platform Built on Battery-Free Sensors

  • Analysis
  • 09-June-2021

IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the whole network of physical objects that contains various technological objects such as sensors, software, and other similar things. Products falling in the category of IoT are usually used for connecting and exchanging data with other devices through the internet. Many market analysts believe that there would be an explosion of industrial IoT devices in the coming decade. Sensors are at the centre of these forecasts; however, they have several drawbacks, mainly due to the fact that they have limited energy supply and a finite lifetime of their batteries.
To solve this problem, a start-up has brought forth industrial sensors that can run around the clock. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance and can easily last for more than 20 years. This is equivalent to a huge explosion for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Market as it would allow IoT developers to not have to decide upon settings of the device due to the limited amount of energy which was a critical setback before. The company achieved this feat by not simply redesigning the batteries in the sensors but eliminating them completely.
Everactive is the start-up whose research led to this accomplishment. The research most innovative aspect is their ultra-low-power integrated circuits, which produce energy through sources like vibrations and indoor light so that data could be generated. The sensors constantly send data to the start-up’s cloud-based dashboard, thus, providing real-time insights, alerts, and analysis to the users, helping them leverage the complete power supplied by IoT devices. Everything is facilitated by these ultra-low-power chips that help with continuous monitoring. Further, the researchers stated that since their source of power is unlimited that don’t need to make tradeoffs like keeping the radio off or doing other similar stuff so that battery life could be saved.
The company can save costs on maintenance and replacement of sensors as well. This combined with the log time operation of the sensors; helps achieve a new height of visibility to operations. The team, in fact, is optimistic that their sensors for motors and other rotating machinery will surely have a huge impact on the IoT market as a whole. The newly developed technology is completely maintenance-free, with no need for batteries as it is powered by harvested energy and is continuously connected to the cloud. The whole concept opens up a wide area of opportunity for new and exciting experiments. Moreover, since costs and other restrictions that accompany sensors generally are not present here, the technology could even lead to IoT-powered transition in the coming time.
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