Regenerative Medicine Market Grows Immensely With Its Latest Intermediate Embryonic Stem Cell Type

  • Analysis
  • 21-December-2020

A research team from UT South-western has come up with a new and innovative intermediate embryonic stem cell type extracted from various species that carries the ability to create precursors to eggs and sperms in a culture dish and contribute to chimeras. These findings can potentially lead to numerous advances in reproductive technology, regenerative medicine, and basic biology as well.

The cells present in early embryos have a wide range of well-defined pluripotency programs, which allow the cells to create multiple types of tissues in the body, as stated by the lead researcher of the study. All of the previous research related to this field focused on characterizing and developing naive embryonic stem cells and primed epiblast stem cells. However, not much has been done regarding the characterization and derivation of the pluripotent stem cells or PSCs that occurs between those two stages – mainly because researchers have failed to develop a paradigm to maintain cells in the intermediate state.

The cells present in the intermediate state possess unique properties such as the potentiality to contribute to interspecies chimeras or intraspecies chimeras. Also,  cells have an extremely useful quality of differentiating into primordial germ cells in a culture dish, the precursors to eggs and sperm. For this experiment, the researchers created intermediate PSCs and named them “XPSCs” from humans, horses, and mice.

The results of this study could lead to advances in both applied and basic research. For instance, going through gene activity in XPSCs from interspecies chimera can help researchers determine which signatures have been preserved through evolution. In addition to that, its wide variety of applications can prove extremely useful for the growth of the Global Regenerative Medicine Market.

The scientists can examine the communication between the cells in interspecies chimera to identify potential strategies that can be used to speed up the development of organs and tissues from stem cells that are used for transplantation. Moreover, the usage of chimera-derived primordial germ cells in the creation of eggs and sperm could help in advancing infertility treatments as well as in the conservation of endangered animal species.

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