Recent Developments in Protein Bars Market

  • Analysis
  • 07-March-2019

In the recent years Global Protein Bars market has gained high popularity as a food supplement owing to the presence of high micronutrients and macronutrients content in it. They are ideal for increasing overall protein intake as well as rebuilding muscles. These bars are becoming a popular convenience food not only for the sport-personnel’s and athletics’ but also among millennial population. The market players are exploring various innovative products to cater to the growing needs of the customers. Emerging trends coupled with the advent of various new products in the market is boosting the overall Protein Bars market size in the next 6 years.

Listed below are some developments that has been recently observed in the industry -

Mars Wrigley recently has come up with added protein countlines for Snickers and Mars
In order to fill the gap between standard chocolate bars and high-protein sports nutrition mars Wrigley confectionery has introduced more protein chocolate countlines to its product portfolio. The news countline product contains nearly 10.8g of protein per portion and less sugars which 40% less than the original version.
Herbalife24 ACHIEVE Protein Bar, a highly convenient snack for long-lasting energy - is the new protein bar launched by Herbalife® Nutrition.
Herbalife Nutrition has expanded its product portfolio with the new Herbalife24 Achieve Protein Bar, which is made with whole food-derived ingredients and contains nearly 20 grams of high-quality whey and milk protein. This new product is ideal for all athletes including elites, weekend warriors and the people looking to live a healthier life as it increases overall protein intake.
JiMMYBAR! Launched two new Protein bars
Eye of the Tiger and Wake It Up are two new protein bars launched by JiMMYBAR! Each bar contains 300 calories, 20 grams of protein and 6 grams of sugar in its content. These protein bars are infused with guarana, which is a plant-based source of caffeine.

The market report titled “Global Protein Bars Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2024” recently updated on provides such detailed insight in the market. The report not only tracks the recent market developments but also covers qualitative data on the market size, market growth rate, regional growth forecast.
Clif Bar & Company, Eastman, General Mills, The Balance Bar, Chicago Bar Company, Abbott Nutrition, The Kellogg Company,MARS,  Hormel Foods, Atkins Nutritionals, NuGo Nutrition, Prinsen Berning, VSI, Atlantic Gruppa are few of the market players covered in the report. The detailed competitors profile assists in understanding the market dynamics and taking informed strategic decisions.