Potato Included into Plant-based Protein Family; Novel Potato Protein Products to Prosper the Field

  • Analysis
  • 01-October-2020

Be it any occasion, potato fries possess their own charm. From fried to boiled, potatoes tend to be pretty palatable. However, it is quite unfair to judge a potato dish solely based on its calorie intake, as they tend to be one of the best sources of protein, according to various researches. Recently, a research conducted by McMaster University discovered that potatoes prove to be a great source of protein to build muscles. A practical experiment conducted by a graduate student of McMaster revealed some measurable benefits provided by potatoes due to its immense protein content. According to the researchers, consumption of potato protein enhances the rate of new protein formation by muscles, unlike the placebo group.

Potato Protein-Based Products and How Beneficial can they be?
With the whole world turning into vegan, the popularity of plant-based proteins among consumers has been growing enormously. As a result, the focus of leading manufacturers has been shifted to plant-based ingredients to satisfy the increasing demands. Owing to the benefits linked with plant-based proteins, its popularity is soaring high in numerous sectors, including animal feed, confectionery, and bakery. Moreover, the manufacturers are pacing judiciously with collaborations and new product launches to improve business performance. In turn, the market is booming with innovative product launches. Furthermore, a potato protein-based concentrate has been recently unveiled by an ingredient manufacturer.
KMC, a top producer of potato and starch-based ingredients, has introduced a potato protein-based concentrate called Protafy 130. The product strengthens both the non-vegan and vegan food products category. Moreover, the main motive behind the launch is to meet the ever-increasing demand for the consumption of plant-based proteins. Protafy 130 aids the food manufacturers to increase the sustainability of foods along with improving their nutritional quality.
With the increasing hype of the healthy lifestyle trend, the demand for allergen-free and clean label products has drastically risen along with plant-based protein. Furthermore, the foodservice operators and manufacturers have been drawn towards potato upon its entry as a high-protein ingredient to fulfil the need for protein-rich products, thereby spurring the growth of the global potato protein market. Besides, potato protein provides numerous benefits, including compatibility to a vegan lifestyle and easy digestion.

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