Plant Based Burger Market may Experience Boost with McDonalds Unveiling its New Meat Free Burger

  • Analysis
  • 25-February-2021

Multi-National Corporations worldwide are working on their respective campaigns and products to tap into the recent trend of consumers choosing Plant-Based products rather than animal-based. In accordance with this, McDonald's (a burger chain present worldwide) surveyed Sweden and discovered that one-third of the Swedish population identifies itself as flexitarian. Flexitarians are those people who consume a vegetarian diet regularly. However, they occasionally eat fish, eggs, etc. as well. Looking at this data, the burger chain decided to experiment more with plant-based products.

It has recently launched an utterly meat-free burger by the name “McPlant,” which will provide flexitarians with another option on the menu when they visit their usual McD outlet. The move is a significant development in the Plant-Based Burger Market as MCD brings a trailblazer that may force its competitors, namely Burger King and KFC, to follow in its footsteps and add fresh plant-based burgers to their menus soon to not lose out on customers.

The burger chain quietly added this new product to its menu in outlets present in Denmark and Sweden. The plant-based patty is made from rice protein and pea while being served with bun and melted cheese, tomato, onion, mustard, lettuce, ketchup, tomato, mayonnaise, and pickles.

McDonald, situated in Sweden, was also the first in the world to bring out the completely vegan burger known as “McVegan” and is hopeful that the new product would receive equally optimistic feedback as the former product. It also tested P.L.T, collaborating with Beyond Meat in Canada and Ontario, and received a good response.

For this product, the corporation was in collaboration with Beyond Meat to provide its customers with perfect taste and texture that would give them the feeling of eating the real thing. The giant has also revealed that this is not its last plant-based option and that there are more in the line to come. So much so that McPlant may become a line that included burgers, chicken substitutes, and breakfast sandwiches.

After this product is entirely brought in, Mcdonald's will start working on bringing forth chicken substitutes and breakfast sandwiches. Their team declared that along with a plant-based patty, they are also quite eager to try plant-based fries.

Such new additions of plant-based products by big corporations clearly indicate that these types of products will be part of at least the near future. This is because consumers are continually becoming more environmentally conscious and look out for food that will provide them with health benefits. Due to these reasons, plant-based products are slowly and gradually becoming more and more popular.

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