Plant-Based Beverages To Take Over The Traditional Dairy Industry

  • Analysis
  • 18-September-2020

With a tremendous rise in veganism as a flourishing culinary trend, especially in developed countries, a plant-based diet has become the talk of the town. Sales of vegan food and beverages have risen by a considerable margin, captivating supermarkets to expand the space allotted to plant-based alternatives. Global Plant-Based Food & Beverages Alternative Market is estimated to grow immensely in the forthcoming decade. With big and popular brands such as PepsiCo and The Coca-Cola Company making enormous investments in plant-based drinks, the market is bound to grow tremendously soon.
Do Plant-Based Beverages Carry The Potential To Disrupt The Dairy Industry?

The effects of plant-based drinks growth cannot be constricted to shifting to dairy alternatives. More than just a mere shift in purchasing decisions, it also implies an extraordinary transformation to a sustainable lifestyle. Buoyed by the rising vegan diets, the Global Plant-Based Dairy Alternative Market has been growing at an exceptional rate. Meanwhile, anxieties about animal cruelty, lactose intolerance, bovine antibiotics, and the overall environmental effect are raising threats to the long-established dairy industry.

Having developed out of a niche categorization, plant-based milk has become a product for prevailing customers. As a result, it has galvanized prevailing competition as the outlook in the dairy-alternative space has considerably changed with the advent of Danone, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and numerous other big brands. Alarmed by their escalating demand, numerous cereal and coffee manufacturers had to refabricate their products to complement the desired preference of consumers. It was accomplished by several technological developments that made it feasible to mimic the authentic taste and flavour of dairy milk.

Besides successful growth patterns, plant-based drinks sale is supported by maximum consumer awareness. It is essential to note that today’s market is managing a wide variety of consumers who prefer to choose and pick convenient to their lifestyle instead of being committed to a specific brand. For instance, the popularity of plant-based beverages, even vegan beer, is stimulated by consumers’ preference for vegan, dairy-free, and lactose-free choice of drinks. 
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