Pinoxaden Market to show rapid growth due to rising demand for High – Yield Crops

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  • 22-March-2016

Since ages crop protection has been a major challenge in the field of agriculture. Pests, weeds, and various plant diseases have been eating a major share of food which is meant for humans. Scientists have been working to prevent this loss by introducing efficient herbicides, fungicides, insecticides etc.

One such effective synthetic compound aiding in crop protection is Pinoxaden. Pinoxaden is an herbicide used to control monocotyledonous grass weeds in crops such as wild oats, rye-grass and black grass. It was first patented and launched by Syngenta AG under the AXAIL brand in the year 2005. This selective herbicide has been proved to be highly beneficial mainly for wheat and barley crops.

The Global Pinoxaden market is anticipated to show a high growth in the next six years. The demand for increase in the crop- yield owing to the anticipated rise in the world population is the major factor boosting the global pinoxaden market. Properties of pinoxaden like its broad spectrum, applicability throughout the year, and tolerance by major cereals are also an important driving factor for this market.

On an average around 30-35% of cereal crop is lost due to weeds, and the use of pinoxaden is a very competitive method to prevent this loss. Moreover, the food industry has been showing an upward trend in utilizing cereals. This demand is fuelling the growth of crop protection products worldwide. The development of resistance by the weeds and high price of pinoxaden are major restraining factors for this market.

Some of the products that use pinoxaden as a major ingredient are:

  •  Rescue is a water soluble herbicide which works as a highly selective grass weed and is especially used for turf grasses. Rescue contains 45 g/l pinoxaden and 11.25 g/l cloquintocet-mexyl as an emulsifiable concentrate. It is used to remove ryegrass and assists in playability and visual appearance of the ground.

  • AXIAL® is Syngenta AG’s first tailor-made cereal grass weed solution. It has been introduced for use on both wheat and barley crops across the world. pinoxaden is the active ingredient in AXIAL® and has registration in many key cereal markets globally.

  • Traxos uses Pinoxaden & Clodinafop-propargyl as its active ingredients. It is used on spring wheat and Durum crops. It works against wild oats, green foxtail, yellow foxtail, barnyard grass, volunteer (tame) oats etc. It is absorbed by the leaves and affects the complete growth of target weed grass within 5-7 weeks.

Syngenta AG holds the patent for pinoxaden which is about to expire by 2020. This will cause major ripples in the global pinoxaden market. New entrants will increase the competition and will affect the pricing of pinoxaden related products. Europe dominates the global production of barley and is the largest consumer of pinoxeden. North America stands next to Europe in these terms. China and India are the major producers of wheat thus, the Asia – Pacific region is expected to show a fast growth in pinoxaden market in the near future.
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