Photovoltaic Market May Advance with New Presentation that Discuss Universal Standards on PV Cells Performance

  • Analysis
  • 11-August-2021

PV (Photovoltaic) Technology has been progressing immensely for quite a few years, so much so that PV devices’ applications on harvesting energy from indoor ambient light are continuously becoming a reality.

In the near future, a virtual conference by the Institute of Standards Technology would discuss standards for determining the performance of PV cells’ under artificial lightening. The presentation could be a huge contribution towards the advancement and evolution of the Photovoltaic Market as it would bring forth demonstration on the ways in which power conversion efficiency of PV cells can be accurately determined under indoor ambient lighting. Further, it will also discuss how to balance energy inside a solar cell in such conditions.
The effectiveness of the technology varies as per the material that the PV cell is comprised of and the type of artificial light (LED or fluorescent) it carries. It is true that the amount of electricity generated by these cells indoor is very low; however, it is, for the most time, quite sufficient for powering low-energy devices such as rechargeable batteries and sensors.
Some variations of PV material and light source such as a gallium indium phosphide PV cell plus a warm white LED light might even be more efficient when converting power that is the same material coming under solar illumination. Thus, what is required is a better understanding of all these relationships to fully characterize the solar cells’ behaviour within extremely low illumination conditions.
The area of PV testing and characterizing is moderately new. There are no common standards at present for precise measurement of the electrical performance of all PV devices applicable under distinct types of artificial light. Hence, there is a dire need for there to be accurate methods for measuring the performance of solar cells under indoor artificial lightening and to adopt universally applicable new standards.
This is why the upcoming presentation showcasing the ways to accurately determine the conversion efficiency of PV is important and very relevant to the Photovoltaic market. Further, the presentation is also set to discuss how energy is balanced inside the solar cell. The new findings that may come up might help the market evolve further.
The presentation might empower people to perform better measurements for their devices and will be in an improved position to enhance material properties and advance cell efficiency.
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