Oral Immunotherapy to Bring a Positive Effect in the Peanut Market by Minimizing Risk of Severe Allergic Reactions

  • Analysis
  • 03-February-2021

Peanut allergy is a serious health issue all over the world. Children who suffer from it feel isolated and anxious when they go out to dine. Furthermore, the families of people who suffer from peanut allergy also lead a hard life. People having this allergy do not have a particularly high risk of a fatal reaction. However, it severely impacts their quality of life, and they find this problem to be unmanageable in nature.

As a solution to the above-mentioned problem, a recently published study has demonstrated how exposing children to a small quantity of allergen can be beneficial. This development may bring a positive effect on Peanuts Market as it would reduce peanuts-induced allergic reactions in real-world settings.The scientists working in the study used a method known as oral immunotherapy. It involves increasing a child’s intake of peanuts slowly and gradually. It has been stated that to keep oneself safe from allergic reactions, and one has to eat peanut products regularly. This treatment has the ability to provide the following benefits –

  • To have the child desensitized so that he/she can digest a full serving of peanuts without having any intense reaction.

  • It has the ability to protect the child if ever there is an accidental exposure

  • It decreases the need for injecting epinephrine to curb the reactions.

The researchers tested their theories by taking up 117 pre-school children who suffered from peanut allergies across Canada. These kids received a daily dose of 300 mg of peanut, which is equal to half a spoon of peanut butter.

The study went on for a year. The researchers, through an allergist – supervised oral challenge, concluded that about 80% of the kids involved in the study were able to eat 15 peanuts without suffering from an allergic reaction. And about 98% of the kids were able to eat 3-4 peanuts without having any reaction. This is enough to provide them with immunity from 99% of accidental exposures.

The kids who did go through a reaction, were in the category of mild or moderate. Two children received epinephrine for moderate reactions, and there were no severe reactions observed.

The current research brings great relief to kids suffering from a peanut allergy. This is because they can now accidentally eat something which has peanut butter like a cookie or cake and still will not suffer from any reaction. Experts have stated that children should undergo oral immunotherapy as early as possible. Because, if this allergy is left unchecked, it may become a life-long burden, in turn causing anxiety, isolation, and bullying of people who suffer from it.

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