Nuclear Batteries Market to Develop with a New Concept that could Potentially Reduce Greenhouse Gases

  • Analysis
  • 05-July-2021

A new paradigm of nuclear power might not be as far away as previously believed. A group of nuclear specialists has proposed the idea of factory-built micro-reactors transported to the usage sites to be a safe and efficient way of decarbonizing electricity systems. Their concept comprises a new generation of small and inexpensive factory-built reactors designed specifically for autonomous plug and play. The technology would have the power to revolutionize the Nuclear Batteries Market as it could produce heat for industrial processes or provide electricity to a military base or even to a whole neighborhood. The best part to note is that the battery can be left unattended for five to ten years and then can be trucked back to the factory for refurbishment purposes.

Scientists stated that the innovative aspect of the new concept is the physical scale of the machines, i.e., 10 megawatts. It’s tiny enough that the whole power plant can be built within a factory and can fit inside a standard container. The power plant will comprise a turbine and a microreactor that can convert heat into electricity.

Technology has several economic benefits. The whole project and technology can be decoupled from the construction site, which previously led to schedule delays and cost overrun for nuclear projects. In this manner, it can, in fact, provide energy on demand. The customer can choose between heat and electricity and then can access it in a couple of months or maybe weeks by simple plug and play.

Furthermore, it also boasts of a robust containment structure that surrounds it for protection against any incident of radiation escape. Traditionally big concrete domes were used for the purpose but instead here, steel shells were taken to encapsulate the whole system. In respect of security issues, the team stated that the batteries would be located below grade. This will help to provide protection and physical security against external attackers.

Nuclear batteries are ideal for the creation of resilience in different economic sectors by bringing to the table a steady and dependable source of power, thus, being a good substitute against the growing dependence on renewable energy sources like wind and solar. These highly distributed systems would also enable alleviation of pressure on the grid by simply being sites at the place of need. Hence, resulting in the elimination of any transmission losses and also greater resiliency on disruptions caused to the grid. If the views of the scientists become a reality then, it would immensely contribute towards the reduction of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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