NineSigma seeks Wireless Power Technologies Using Microwaves creating lucrative opportunity in Wireless Power Transmission Market

  • Analysis
  • 15-March-2021

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT), Wireless Energy Transmission (WET), electromagnetic power transfer, or Wireless Power Transmission refer to the transmission of electrical energy without using wire's physical link. In this type of system, a transmitter device is driven by electric power from a power source. It generates a time-varying electromagnetic field that transmits power through space to the receiver device. The receiver device is then responsible for extracting power from the field and supplies it to an electrical load.

It is noticed that there is a pressing need for more wireless power transmission technologies in the market as IoT technology–based products, smart homes, and services have been on the constant rise in recent years.

In this regard, a global auto parts manufacturer ‘NineSigma’ is now seeking wireless power technologies that work using microwaves. They have focused on technology capable of receiving power from several hundred milliwatts (mW) to several watts (W) at a distance of 1m to 10m. The company has revealed that applications of communication technology to power transmission are also being accepted.

This is a big opportunity for all players involved in Wireless Power Transmission Market. This announcement will give researchers a golden chance to bring forward the projects related to the industry on which they have been working. It will also lead to new technologies coming up in the market, further leading to industry growth.

NineSigma is a company that is indulged in the development of wireless power transmission technology for mobile devices. It has been looking for ways to achieve the goal in-house and within its existing network. They have now decided to make this RFP to shorten the development period until commercialization.
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