Newly Designed Powerful Lithium Battery Expand Electric Vehicles Market Demand

  • Analysis
  • 18-January-2021

Electric Vehicles are already in huge demand and anticipated to maintain in the future due to their environmentally friendly nature; however, one of the significant concerns concerning such vehicles is their batters. Recently QuantumScape has introduced a lithium battery that is more powerful, long-lasting, and fast. If this announcement bears fruit, it would mean wonders for the Electric Vehicles Market.

Lithium batteries present in the current market consist of a liquid that works as an electrolyte. It permits lithium ions to travel between the positive cathode and negative anode, generating heat as a result. They are essentially used in laptops, smartphones, and vehicles.

However, these automotive lithium-ion batteries have several setbacks. They have a slow charging time and can contain volatile components that might ignite in a crash. It has also been seen that these batteries sometimes freeze at very low temperatures. For a long time, researchers have been testing superior materials such as polymers and ceramics to solve this problem.

The new lithium-metal batteries have something new in them. Instead of having a liquid electrolyte, they consist of a dry ceramic separator, which allows a more efficient transfer of energy as ions cross paths. Also, the battery is not in a completely solid state but has a gel component. Nevertheless, it is essential to notice that it has overcome the drawbacks that were faced while using a battery that had liquid electrolytes.

This battery also works in icy weather without freezing and holds back the growth of electrolyte dendrites that hinders lithium-ion battery efficiency.

Test results for this technology have been relatively positive. Vehicles powered with Lithium-metal batteries travel 80 percent farther than lithium-ion batteries. It has been seen that lithium-metal ones maintain more than 80 percent of their capacity after completion of 800 charging cycles, which is far greater than the current batteries, which makes lithium batteries long-lasting. These batteries also have a rapid charging time. They can charge up to 80% in about 15 minutes.

QuantumScape is not the only company with the edge in this market. CATL, a leading player in China’s battery market, together with Samsung, Tesla, LG Chem, and Panasonic, are running in the race. Toyota was even expected to unveil solid-state cell in the Tokyo Olympics; however, its plans were drained due to the ongoing pandemic.

Solid Power, a start-up, has also started manufacturing a similar sort of battery with a sulfide-based electrolyte that is highly conductive. It has also been noted that companies like Ford, BMW, and Hyundai have also joined in the effort.

Quantumscape has been the first to solve the solid-state concept in the batteries. This development and similar ones brought in by other players could pave the way to power a future generation of electric vehicles.

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