New Research to Benefit the Data Storage Market - New Technology Might Assist in Huge Reduction in Energy Consumption for Data Storage

  • Analysis
  • 15-April-2021

The digital data generated around the world have augmented through the years so much that it is now referred to in zettabytes, i.e., trillions of billions of bytes. The situation is synonymous with delivering data for hundreds of millions of books every second. It is expected that with the continuous growth of technology and more emphasis on being environmental friendly, the amount of data being generated is only going to increase with the passage of time. If the technologies that are present today do not evolve but remain constant, then all the current world consumption of electricity would be devoted solely to data storage by the year 2040. This poses a severe problem for the world that needs to be urgently solved.

This is why; a group of researchers has recently brought forward an innovation that would hugely benefit the Data Storage Market. This is because it is based on the objective of reducing energy consumption for data storage drastically. The established technology, as stated, utilizes an ultrafast laser pulse with a duration as short as 30 femtoseconds (equal to 0.0000000000000003 seconds). The same is applied to a heterostructure comprising ferromagnetic Co/Pt layers, ferrimagnetic GdFeCo, and nonmagnetic Cu.

The current innovation was based on the foundation of a previous study that observed the magnetic switching of the ferromagnetic layer once the ferromagnetic layer has been switched. However, this time, the team invested its resources in uncovering the mechanism accounting for this bizarre phenomenon. Moreover, they discovered that a flow of electron spin, also known as spin current, also plays an essential role in inducing ferromagnetic switching. The whole process happens while accompanying the switching of the ferrimagnetic GeFeCo.

On the basis of this new finding, they displayed a switching of the ferromagnet that is quicker and less energy-consuming. It was done with the usage of a single laser pulse without switching the ferrimagnetic layer. This demonstration might be great news for future data-storage applications as well. This is because this technology might be able to bring forward an efficient scheme to write digital information to a magnetic medium. As this is presently based on a magnetic field-induced switching, the current study comes as good news for other researchers as well.

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