New Development in Testosterone Replacement Therapy Market: Researchers Create an Effective Oral Medicine that can bring Testosterone Levels to a Normal Rage

  • Analysis
  • 15-November-2021

Male hypogonadism is a medical condition that is suffered by a large number of people. A vast amount of testosterone replacement treatment and routes of formulations are available for countering the condition. Physicians have the option of administering long-acting injectables, oral medications, injections, intranasal or transbuccal administration. Even transdermal preparations are employed as a possible therapy.

Now a research team has provided evidence for oral medication ‘Jatenzo’. They demonstrated that even when eating a typical diet, this preparation resulted in blood testosterone levels that were relatively normal. The developed medicine could be a massive contribution to Testosterone Replacement Therapy Market. It has the unique characteristic of going through the lymphatic system instead of moving directly to the liver. This eliminates any liver toxicity that is a constant possibility with a similar type of oral medication.

The drug was already approved by the FDA years ago. However, the present study provides the safety data related to the medicine as the researchers conducted a two-year clinical trial. Their findings are relevant as this medicine is the first of its kind, and all the previous ones were either not effective for the long term or resulted in liver toxicity.

In their previous work, the researchers showed that individuals could increase their testosterone level from a deficient level to a reasonable reference range. Their primary studies ensured them of the efficacy of their development. Nonetheless, they undertook a detail to demonstrate over two years that the medicine was safe to use and didn’t have any acute side effects.

The most remarkable aspect of the study is that it eliminated all concerns about high levels of liver damage. In addition, other types of relevant changes were also considered. The team noticed a slight increase in blood pressure (around 5 to 7 mm mercury). Similar responses are also seen with other types of testosterone formulations as well. Further, a slight increase was also seen in the hematocrit and hemoglobin.

The researchers also stated that in their research, they came across another intriguing finding. They added that five showed high testosterone levels after taking medicine out of the 86 participants selected for the study.  Looking into their condition, the team believed that the appropriate physicians could reduce doses for such people. However, the result is also a class effect. It can be beneficial for stimulating red blood cell production, thus helping people suffering from anaemia as low haemoglobin levels can be brought up to a normal range.

The relevance of this study is that now we have an effective and easy oral agent to administer when it comes to treating testosterone levels. Further, the study shows that the medication is highly safe and has no adverse effects.

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