Natural Colorant (Natural Pigment) Market to Advance as Researchers Categorize Plants that Produce Red Nectar and Enzymes Common in them

  • Analysis
  • 10-February-2022

Plants that can excrete colored nectars are scarce. About 70 types of plants in the whole world are present on the list. The primary benefit of these colors is that they attract pollinators. However, they have recently gained the spotlight as researchers and industry partners try to find natural colorant options because of their broad applicability and eco-friendly approach.
Now a team of researchers might have solved this problem. They have brought forth a newly published study where they have sorted out how plants produce distinctive red nectar. Further, the research also includes its makeup. The findings are highly relevant for the Natural Colorant (Natural Pigment) Market as it will help market players figure out new species of plants for extracting natural colorants.
The researchers discovered two enzymes that had never been described in plants before. Researchers made a comparison between Nesocodon mauritianus and another red nectar plant. It was found that both the plants rely on the same compound, referred to by the team as "nesocodin." The substance helps the plants produce red nectar while attracting their respective pollinators. This is a fascinating observation.
The Food and Drug Administration Department reports that currently, the industry is highly dependent on non-natural color additives. In addition, red is considered a hard color to source for use in products such as clothing, candy, etc.

For a long time, red colorants have been hard to acquire for products due to their sensitive chemical properties. But since nesocodin has unique properties, it can work better in most conditions, especially in areas where natural colorants couldn't be used before.
The study is incredible, and the substances introduced could lay the foundation for added research to develop more useful natural colorants.
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