Massive Development in Depression Therapeutics Market: Xphyto Increases Production of Pharmaceutical-Grade Mescaline

  • Analysis
  • 30-April-2021

Mescaline refers to a naturally occurring component that is received from peyote cactus. It is known for its hallucinogenic effects in contrast to substances like psilocybin and LSD. Previous research done in respect of Mescaline indicated that the substance has great potential for treating mental health issues such as addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. These issues are increasingly coming at the forefront as they cost the global economy billions of dollars each day. However, all researchers involved with psychedelics have not provided Mescaline with much attention. All the resources till now have been received by psilocybin cultivation and research, whereas the world's oldest psychedelic has been more or less ignored.

A company has recently changed this course and has included pharmaceutical-grade Mescaline on its list of psychedelic medicine programs. It has stated that it will increase the substance's production and standardize the dosage with predictable, accurate, and efficient drug delivery for therapeutic use and clinical research. This can be considered a significant development in the Depression Therapeutics Market as the substance has received anecdotal recognition and is considered a relatively safe psychedelic drug. Further, the drug has also shown great potential for the treatment of depression and addiction.

Phyto Therapeutics Corporation is a bioscience company based in Canada. The company has revealed that it plans to develop large-scale pharmaceutical-grade production processes of the drug to be sold in the wholesale market. Moreover, it will also work upon incorporating Mescaline into the company's thin-film drug delivery platforms.

At present, research in the field of the psychotherapeutic potential of Mescaline is quite limited. However, many previous studies have hinted that it might become a successful method to treat mental health conditions. Mescaline is believed to help with increasing blood flow and activity inside the prefrontal cortex. This is excellent news as low activity in this region is linked with anxiety and depression, thus, concluding that micro dosing Mescaline might be able to turn around such issues.

A while ago, a research team had discovered that the use of classic psychedelic drugs, including Mescaline, might diminish suicidal thoughts in human beings. Another study on similar grounds stated that drug is also associated with reduced symptoms of agoraphobia, a health issue that might become a pressing concern as the population emerges from COVID-19 led lockdowns. A Harvard University-led research identified anecdotal evidence that Mescaline may reduce alcoholism and drug abuse rates among some native Americans.

Advocates of psychedelics are optimistic that such developments like these will become the trailblazer for several new substances to break into the mainstream. Experts have forecasted that the psychedelic pharmaceuticals market might expand by billions, and Mescaline could be a key player in its growth.
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