Massive Development in Cancer Gene Therapy Market: Researchers Develop a New Therapeutic Agent That Could Potentially Subdue Cancer Survival

  • Analysis
  • 30-July-2021

Cancer is the second leading disease that causes death worldwide. It refers to any of the numerous conditions characterized by the advancement of abnormal cells that divide overwhelmingly and have the uncanny ability to penetrate and destroy the normal body tissue of an individual. Cancer is the sort of disease that usually spreads throughout one’s body and drastically affects the lifestyle of patients and their family members.
Gene Therapy is looked like one of the best chances of survival for cancer patients amongst treatments available. Gene Therapy is a complete medical field that indulges in genetic engineering of cells to bring a therapeutic effect. In addition, it can be considered as a treatment of the disease by reconstructing or repairing defective genetic material.
Now, researchers have developed a new therapeutic agent with the evidence that it is highly effective in vitro towards causing disruptions on a biological pathway that enables cancer’s survival. The novel therapy is a modified molecule referred to as MS21 with the ability to cause degradation of AKT (an enzyme that is quite active in several types of cancers). The study is a great advancement for Cancer Gene Therapy Market as the study demonstrates that pharmacological degradation of AKT might be a feasible solution against cancers with mutations within certain genes.
AKT refers to a cancer gene that works at encoding an enzyme that is usually abnormally activated within cancer cells and works towards stimulating tumor growth. AKT degradation leads to reverse in all these processes while also affecting tumor growth. Further, the researchers added that the new study lays a strong foundation for clinically developing AKT degraders as a treatment against human cancer.
The team tested MS21 in the human cancer-derived cell lines. Essentially they are the models present in laboratories and are used to understand the efficiency of cancer therapies. They examined 44,000 human cancers which led to the conclusion that 19% of tumors consist of at least one mutation. The identification indicates that a large population suffering from cancer could potentially benefit from therapies with an AKT degrader.
It is of utmost importance that these findings are turned into applicable therapies as the mutations and cancer-derived pathways are one of the most common ways for humans to contract cancer. Although the effort, for now, remains to be a big challenge, researchers are keenly looking forward to develop MS21 enough to open it for clinical trials in cancer patients.
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