Latest Innovation Observed In Almond Market with Its Sustainable Farming and Affordable Indulgence

  • Analysis
  • 06-January-2021

Sustainable farming and affordable indulgence have been highlighted in the latest conference organized by the Almond Board of California, where innovations in almonds to satisfy today’s consumers' needs were discussed. Just like every other event of 2020, this event also had a different feel in comparison to the past years. But the information and knowledge it provides remained constant just like the previous years. The present, as well as the future of the Global Almond Market, is on the path towards immense development.

With growing opportunities for almond processors, growers, and consumers, the almost industry is all set to reach new heights. The popularity of almonds has escalated due to the rising trend of veganism. With more and more people opting plant-based diet, demand for food and beverages including almond as the main ingredient such as snack bars, different kinds of beverages, think creamers, and many more has increased by almost 60%. Almonds’ combined functional properties and natural positionings such as protein content and vitamins and minerals have become immensely popular among today’s health-conscious consumers. With the increasing focus on health and wellness, the popularity of probiotic products such as plant-based yogurts has also increased, which contains almond as an ingredient.

Consumers are in the search for permissible indulgence amid the COVID-19 era, which includes experimentation with textures and flavors, as well as affordable premium. With this drastic increase in almond consumption, major chocolate brands have shifted their focus on making almond-based products, some of which include whole almonds too. As a result of this, the sales have skyrocketed. The almond industry has been shifting its focus towards sustainability due to its wide diversity of eco-conscious consumers. Brands like Hershey’s have already set certain sustainability goals, some of which includes a commitment towards decreasing greenhouse gases, take measures against climate change, and enduring proper farming practices. There has been a lot of discussion on the importance and significance of regenerative agriculture, farmers' empowerment, and increased biodiversity these days. Moreover, the Almond Board has also set sustainability goals for the next five years, which includes a reduction in water usage too.

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