Latest Car Navigation Systems Hold the Key to Safe and Uninterrupted Journeys

  • Analysis
  • 13-October-2020

Be it a perfectly planned journey or a spontaneously planned road trip, the navigation system has a significant role to play. GPS or Global Positioning System enabled navigation system has helped tackle all the predicaments caused while finding directions for destinations. Moreover, it has risen to fame as one of the most practical and safest ways to get to the endpoint.

Advantages of Using Car Navigation System

The car navigation system is primarily a third-party application, and an element of automotive control, that assists the driver in finding the exact location through the cooperation of a satellite navigation device. It facilitates the driver to find out the most suitable and shortest path to reach the targeted destination in the quickest way possible. With the latest developments, car navigation systems are gaining immense popularity. Furthermore, the leading market players have shifted their focus to offer improved services to the consumers in order to meet the increasing demand.

The key market players have been introducing newfangled products to prosper the growth of the Global Car Navigation Market. Recently, an automotive manufacturing company called Kia Motors has unveiled its latest series of UVO Connect services that aim to enhance control and vehicle connectivity. The new UVO Connect’s Phase II characteristics offer several advantages to the customers encompassing the information related to traffic and last-mile navigation. In addition to that, these advantages can be accessed through inbuilt infotainment systems as well as smartphone apps.

Besides this, Bosch, a technology and engineering company, has recently invented a sensor that offers uninterrupted and precise navigation. Named as Bosch SMI230 MEMS, it continually registers changes in the car’s direction and speed and passes on the generated data to the navigation system. The data, then, merges with the positional data extracted from the global navigation satellite system or GNSS and are further used up for navigation. Moreover, the sensor assists even during interruptions in network observed in valleys or tunnels. Besides improved navigation, it is also suitable for toll systems and fleet management based on its correctness on motion detection.

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