Kosher Food Accepted Widely to Meet the Requirement of the Diverse Population

  • Analysis
  • 30-September-2020

With the rise in health consciousness and dietary restrictions among people, especially the Jewish people, the popularity of kosher food has skyrocketed. As a result, leading market players have been adopting numerous strategies to meet the demands of people, such as including kosher food. Hospitality groups, in collaboration with kosher providers, have included kosher food in their menu to serve the inundation of tourists in the town. Furthermore, it has also been made available in the supermarket to help people find varieties of food conveniently at one spot. To meet the needs of the kosher-observant community, government administrations have started to include kosher food as a part of free meal plans. The demand is expected to rise drastically in the coming years as well.
How Kosher Food Has Influenced the Market
Offering desirable products by discovering business opportunities can escalate the growth of an industry. As soon as the normalization deal took place between United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel, hospitality groups in UAE collaborated with kosher food suppliers as the demand for kosher food increased with the increase in visits by Israeli people. The Habtoor Hospitality group partnered with Elli’s Kosher Kitchen in order to provide kosher food in its hotels, including V Hotel, LXR Hotel and Resorts, Hilton Dubai, Habtoor Palace Dubai, and Habtoor Grand Resort. Followed by the visits of the US delegates and Israeli journalists to Abu Dhabi, this partnership decision was taken by the hospitality group.
Leading market players have been trying to expand their business to enhance the growth of the global kosher foods market. Recently, a supermarket chain called Giant Food extended its business upon entering a new land. It has collaborated with Kayco and A&L Foods to provide kosher food in the Baltimore region. Harold Weiss, a Kayco’s executive, highlighted that its traditional and orthodox consumers search for variety, quality, and convenience. The company takes pride in offering a wide range of food Jewish lookout for and a variety of brands to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can showcase its wide range of foods in drive sales and brands with the help of Giant. 

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