Integration Of Augmented Reality With Surgery Devices Positively Impacts Spine Surgery Devices Market

  • Analysis
  • 12-January-2021

Augmented Reality (AR) is a form of VR technology (Virtual Reality) that merges what an individual sees in his background with digital information created by computer software. This additional information helps in enhancing the real surroundings with the help of a virtual scene.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology is usually looked at , as something that is used mostly for gaming and sometimes transports. However, scientists are confident that it can be helpful in countless technologies.

To bring this belief to fruition, scientists have recently tested this technology by successfully completing a holographically navigated spine surgery, which was a first of its kind. While in surgery, surgeons need to be very sharp and efficient with their skills. However, since the task is so delicate and the tissue on which the surgery is performed is valuable, they require technology to improve their capabilities. Before the holographically navigated spine surgery was completed, the scientists did extensive CT scans to see 3D representations of the affected anatomy.

These 3D representations allow surgeons to see the patient's 3D anatomy in great detail. Hence it can be a great help during the operation. This technology also helps surgeons work with ease in some critical points of the surgery. It can mark the trajectory of a screw and its exact insertion point as well. In the first surgery, the patient suffered from lower lumbar spine degeneration. This degeneration caused the narrowing of the spinal canal, sensory disorder in the legs, and back pain. It has been reported that as per the patient, all his symptoms vanished after the surgery. If things go as planned, the development of AR would mean growth of the Spine Surgery Device Market and lead to more efficient surgeries.

This surgery would not have been possible a few years ago. However, in the last decade, Augmented Reality has developed in leaps and bounds. Today, it is being integrated into cars with GPS navigations placed right into the driver's field view. It is also being used inside the fighter pilot's helmet to help in military operations. Its use is growing more and more in the surgical sector while VR is being utilized for training new surgeons.

AR enhances a surgeon's perception and his/her senses while performing surgery. Its increasing use in spine surgeries means better and more efficient results for the patients. As its reach grows, it could be integrated with other technologies as well and be used in more surgeries.

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