Indian Cheese Market - An Overview :

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  • 23-September-2015

Indian Cheese Market - An Overview
Cheese being a highly nutritious and appetising food, holds a significant place in the diet of the world’s population today. Cheese has been luring its consumers with its wide range of textures and flavours. Increasing health awareness and changing preferences of the people for low fat food has in turn affected the demand of cheese. The study of consumption pattern of cheese round the world has shown an uphill movement over the last few decades.  The major driver of these uphill trends is the emerging economies of Brazil, India, China and Chile. Increased disposable income and the changing lifestyle have increased the demand of processed foods in this region tremendously.
The growth in cheese production is also driven by factors like product development and product innovation. Varied flavours, textures have been continuously evolved by the producers keeping in mind the different population segments - children, and adults. The market also targets households and food service industry.
Consumption of Cheese
European Union and North America holds the largest share in the global cheese consumption. Demand of processed cheese in South America has almost doubled up over last few decades. Middle East and North Africa is one of the largest consuming areas in the world.  The major cheese consuming countries in the region are Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This growth in the recent decades can be accounted to economic improvements and increasing population. In parts of Europe and Oceania, the consumption has remained nearly stable with limited growth.
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Manufacturers of processed cheese
Over the years, European Union and United States have emerged to be the largest processed cheese manufacturers in the world. The only challenge that these countries face is at the operational level i.e. storage and cold chains.
Some Notable Brands
Market of cheese has grown tremendously over the past decade due to the entry of various international brands. Cheese blends well with a large number of world cuisines, thus many new flavours of cheese have been introduced in the market. Asia is growing in terms of consumption patterns of cheese. India among others is being seen as a prospective growth market.
Cheese makers in India face storage and transportation problems. To overcome these issues, processed cheese in India is sold in sealed tin cans and boxes that can be stored without refrigeration for months. Some of the prominent brands in the Indian Cheese Market are:
1)  Parag Milk Foods: Under its wide range of products, ‘Go Cheese’ is a brand name that has been generating huge turnovers for the company. From plain spreads, Gourmet Cheese-colby, Mozzarella, shredded cheese, Cheese Sauce to Cheese angles and cheeselets, Parag Milk Foods is a major market player globally. Its goods are majorly exported to Russia.
2) Gujarat Cooperative Milk: It sells milk products under the brand name Amul. Amul Gouda cheese, emmental cheese, processed cheese, cheese spreads, mozzarella cheese etc.are its key products. Its products are exported to around 20 countries round the world.
3) Britannia: It believes in selling the processed cheese segments which includes almost five types of variants along with cheese dip products. More than half of the company's revenue comes from processed cheese segments.
4) Mother Dairy: “Cheese khao superhero ban jao” is the tag line used by Mother Dairy to attract the children for their cheese products. They organize various games and activities across different schools all over the nation to create awareness among kids about its products and their benefits.
5) The Spotted Cow Fromagerie: They sell “Bombrie” and “Camembay” as local takes on the French originals Brie and Camembert, is one of a growing handful of artisanal cheese producers in India.
6) Exito Gourmet- Exito advertises its cheeses as “the best of Italy, made in India.” The company makes soft Italian cheeses like Ricotta, Buffalo Mozzarella and Mascarpone in the northern state of Haryana, and ships them to around 500 stores and restaurants across India.
7) The Cheese Collective- The chevre, fresh goat’s cheese is made in three varieties at this store- plain, herbed and fruity. These cheeses are sold from home by the owner.
8) Choudhery Cheese Bazaar- Based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, they claim to produce around 100 varieties of cheese. While its range of Indian cheese include Processed cheddar Slice, Mozzarella Cheese, Green Pepper, Flavoured Slices(Jeera, GIngeretc), its substitutes to international cheese includes Feta, Gouda Cheese, Smoked Cheese, Ball Cheese, Ricotta etc.
9) Flander Dairy- With all the latest technology from Europe, the company is set up in outskirts of Delhi. Its wide variety of cheese includes Kwark, Gouda, Ricotta, Scamorza, Bocconcini, Mascarpone etc.
10) Acer and Gourmet Cheese- One of the biggest organic cheese making farm in the country, its wide variety of cheese includes Halloumi Cheese, Mold Cheese, Feta Cheese, Ricotta Cheese etc.
11)ABC Farms- Based in Pune(Maharashtra), the company not only produces different varieties of cheese but also owns multi cuisine restaurants in the area. The company roughly produces 70 varieties of natural cheese – Pecorino goat cheese, alcohol cheese, Port Wine cheese, a vodka and cumin cheese, smoked ham cheese to name a few.
12) La Ferme Cheese- They started their production with the traditional methods of cheese producing. They took into consideration the conditions of the South Indian climate and Western hygienic standards along with concerns for a clean and sustainable environment. Today, it produces about 100 kg of handmade cheeses in over ten varieties daily.
13) Passion Cheese- They started their operations in 1995 as a small manufacturing business; it has come a long way to stand out in market. Currently they produce 14 types of cheese Gouda Cheese, Feta Cheese, Processed Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Edam Cheese etc.
14) Dairy Craft- With an increasing global awareness, Dairy craft is a trusted name in India and even round the subcontinent. The company produces and distributes cheese under Indian as well as International brands, namely Dairy Craft, John’s, LaCremella& Rio.
It can be thus, seen that there has been a lot of momentum in the Indian Cheese Industry. In fact many European and American cheese majors are planning to enter this market. India with its huge customer base and high disposable income will be welcoming these varied tastes of the world.