Identification as Super Speed Fuel Boosts Global Ethanol Market Demand

  • Analysis
  • 02-December-2020

An American-made supercar made it to the headlines by smashing through the 300 mph barrier on the outskirts of Las Vegas. The blistering speed of 331 mph has been the talk of the town since then. According to Dr. Andy Randolph, an automotive engineer, the specifications of that very powerful engine, including E10 gasoline, 91 octane premium, and 1,350 peak horsepower, making it possible to achieve this terrific speed record.

Randolph is well-known for its potentiality of building high-performance engines for racing circuits such as NASCAR. He carries a well-defined knowledge of the power of almost 85% ethanol fuels and speed. One significant advantage of ethanol over gasoline is the charge cooling capacity, which refers to the ability of ethanol to get the three times cooling effect in comparison to gasoline upon vaporization.

Because of the numerous benefits exerted by ethanol, E85 is used by NASCAR to cool as well as power the engine. A huge amount of ethanol fuel is used by them because of its cooling properties, especially needed to cool off things such as the cylinder block and pistons. Due to the increasing demand for ethanol fuel, the ethanol market is bound to grow enormously in the upcoming times.

High-performance vehicles like Tuatara depend on the high compression offered by the high octane in ethanol fuels. High octane provided by E85 helps achieve the amount of boost needed by a turbocharged engine. E85 comes with several advantages, such as its charged cooling system and, along with that, its high octane, which equals gobs of power.

NASCAR currently uses a 15% blend of ethanol, whereas road racing uses 25%, but, simultaneously, Randolph is in the pursuit of achieving more. More amount of ethanol in fuel helps in the conduction of better performance as well as makes the engines last longer. With the growing trend of ethanol fuels, it is on the journey to becoming one of the most sought-after ingredients needed for a powerful engine and super speed.

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