Huge Technological Advancement in Additive Manufacturing Market: New Software Might Help in Increased Production

  • Analysis
  • 14-April-2021

Additive manufacturing (AM) is also called 3D printing. It is a transformative approach for industrial production that facilitates the creation of lighter and stronger parts and systems. This technological advancement became a reality due to the transition that converted analog to digital processes. This type of manufacturing is tremendously advantageous and exciting, all at the same time. However, the problem occurs when one wants accuracy and consistency in the mass production of 3D-printed parts. This is because no matter what the production level is, everyone wants their parts to not have dissimilarities, whether they are manufacturing ten parts or 10 Million.

Thus, new software has been recently introduced in the market by a group of researchers that is focused on improving the accuracy of 3-D printed parts. Their method aims to reduce the costs and waste for companies involved in the 3-D parts manufacturing business by usage of additive manufacturing. This is a huge development in Additive Manufacturing Solution Market as the software enables one to measure the additively manufactured parts rather rapidly and automatically. In the recent past, a process that was very time-consuming and costly has been made better by the new software. Moreover, as a significant added benefit, it also increases the chances of accuracy in producing similar parts.

The software is based on first identifying how the accuracy of any part is based on a particular printer responsible for making it and noting where such printer is situated. This is achieved by calculating parts with the help of optical scanning technology and analyzing the scanned data. Such analysis permits a user to conclude upon the parts that have good accuracy and simultaneously identify those printers and settings that have the ability to produce the most accurate and feasible parts.

3-D printing is increasingly becoming the centre of attention, with more and more factories rely on this form of production being built at all distinct corners of the world. Researchers state that with this development, their product which ensures increased accuracy and consistency will fit right, when it comes to the additive manufacturing solution market.

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